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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Seee I am like a real true avid fashion lover…..so I love it all from sneakers to heels to dressy to casual chic to sporty chic…..I'm here for it all and I can switch it up with no problems……but if I should say my fave form of dressing …maybe we can blame it on being a New Yorker for so long now ;-P…..I would say sporty chic/comfy chic with a lil edge thrown in…..Soooo I am always so so geeked when lux (high end fashion) meets high street and sports ….The latest in this collaboration of when 2 worlds collide would be the creative director of GIVENCHY, Riccardo Tisci, comes back into the world of sports, with his latest collaboration with Nike. Aha….You guys thought you saw the last of him and his ingenious designs with his fashion forward take on the Airforce ones??…welp nope….Guess Nike figured if it ain't broke why fix it….the formula was/is working so well for them…..they gave him another go around….this time with another one of their all time classics……the Nike Dunkssss!!!!!! Yup the Dunks have got a full body face lift……and is ready to unveil its new look and run with the upper echelon of Fashion darling…. His take on this classic is pretty interesting. He kept it clean, simple and classic w/ the colors; keeping it black & white ( it can't get more straight forward than that)…..& just playing around with the form of the shoe…making it taller than your average dunks but keeping it true to its aesthetic….
Hmmmm I am still tethering on this one ( maybe its the blk & white colourway) ….a part of me likes it because I love the dunks …..and I can see how it can work especially with a midi dress or a skater skirt and even with cropped jeans and a simple tee ….but a part of me is still on the 3second clock on this one ….wondering if he'll be able to make the slam dunkkkk for the win!!! ….can't wait to see what other color ways he comes up with….But all in all…..I ain't mad at it….Might still get me a pair hehe…..



Tuesday, February 2, 2016


photo via @foodace

Holidaysss are over and so is the debauchery of eating and drinking that comes with it….*sigh*…You know once the new year starts we all make that New Year resolution to eat better and healthier, exercise, be good to ourselves and give up something……but by mid-january or so those resolutions are completely out the window…Anywaysss This year I didn't make any of those declarations….well some…Just to be good to myself and definitely wanted to go back to a more healthy diet….
Anyways January definitely didn't kickstart that at all for me….for some reason instead I found that my sweet tooth had returned with a vengeance and I was less concerned with what I was eating or snacking on….Then Common sense kicked back in ,…..& While I made a conscious decision to realign myself….I realized it included everything and I needed to go back to being good to myself  and taking care of myself. So I started of the month of February with a trip to my Dr., to get back on track with my diet and exercise, get my blood work and EKG done and back to my Green, Eggs and Proteins ( eww no not HAM…:-P). Go back to making my own meals and trying to make sure its healthy and light. so lots and lots of greens ( Kale, Spinach, Arugula etc), eggs, turkey bacon and lean meats like fish, shrimp, chicken, turkey. For go rice, sweets and starches( because these break down in your body as sugar and your body stores it), even no fruits ( because fruits are just really sugar and water) also watch my oil intake and the best part NO ALCOHOL ( God help me lol). Already been doing the NO Alcohol thing for like 3weeks now but lets see about months…..Just to jumpstart my body back to being fed goodness and cleansing it out from all the debauchery ( might even go get a colonic this weekend as well)… and then slowly incoperating some stuff back into my diet but a healthier rendition of it so instead of rice, substitute for Quinoa etc…..Anyways I'm excited about going back to discipling myself and staying on track. Been looking on social media for different food inspirations to help it stay interesting eating healthy….recently followed this page @foodace ( the popular page is a blessing sometimes) ….she makes her own seasonings and ordered some to help spice up my meals, give it a lil indigenous flavour and keep it interesting. Decided to blog about it to keep myself accountable and see how it goes…also feel free to share some recipes and I will do the same

Some Meals I have conjured up me-self:

arugula w/sauteed shrimp,boiled eggs and avocado and crunchy onion bits.

Arugula w/seasoned lean turkey meat and crunchy onion bits.

Arugula with grilled mushrooms, quinoa w/ brown rice and grilled salmon ( the quinoa and brown rice is a no-no for the next 2mths) 
spinach with grilled peppered salmon and  crunchy onion bits

the salmon straight out the oven ( if you cook salmon you know the white bit is normal)


…Going to try my hands on some of these meals sans the carbs of course….I am actually reeked about this….#Keepingitclean #keepingitlight #keepingittight hehe...
FOOD ACE SPICES : SOOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!! ( The fish seasoning has been changed to all purpose seasoning ..)


This holiday one of the worst things & I guess the best things ( one of those blessings in disguise kinda thing….) happened to me. I Lost my Fave Prada glasses….*insertstears* ….The crazy thing is I don't even remember when or where I might have misplaced them…Might be in the crevices of my couches somewhere in my house in Nigeria or somewhere at the George Hotel in Ikoyi….All I do know is after Christmas Day I just never saw them again…..The weirdest thing…I was bummed about it but I didn't get upset at all,  funny enough I had lost something else I really loved as well …..but I think I've come to a point in my life, that I have started to recognize that things are just that -things….and they are always replaceable…..yes, you may not be able to find the exact item or it maybe sold out and one of a kind…..But there is always something else you can get to replace it ….and sometimes ( most times) it turns out better than the former…….I guess one of the things I am embracing getting older….I remember when I used to be so attached to my stuff….Like didn't like to throw things away, or let go of stuff ( Somewhat of hoarder behavior ) or always wanted to acquire, acquire, acquire,….I mean the need to acquire is still there ( I'm a shopaholic * yes I admitted it*- comes with the job :-P... but I am currently in self induced therapy and doing very well might I add hehe) but I have no problem letting go of stuff these days,….and what I have realized is the more I am okay with not placing so much value on things, is the more I am being blessed with stuff!!!!!….
Anyways back to my glasses story, so yeah I misplaced them,….what sucked the most about this, was not only were these my fave glasses of the moment ( I remember how I plotted to get them and the universe smiled on me one day and I found them at a steal) ….they were also my prescription glasses ( I had taken out the lenses and had my prescription put in the glasses and had them slightly tinted…*yeah i know I do the most*)…..Anyways when I got back I started to look for frames that could replace these bad boys, that looked cool and would make me want to wear my glasses religiously. I was tempted to buy the exact glasses again, but in a different colour but then decided against it. I ordered 2 pairs one fendi ( a different older style) & one miu miu pair ( might still hold on to these….they make me look like a slightly naughty fashionable librarian  *devilishgrin* hehe)…..but still wasn't completely sold on them when I received them ,…then I went a-searching to my secret glasses store ….and*cueahamomentmusic* I laid my eyes on these FENDI'S and I knew I had found my replacement frames. I was soo excited. They were cool, perfect size, artsy and loved the shape. Next step…. tint and prescription *whooop*….I already liked the yellow tint it came in, but i just needed it to be slightly lighter and be gradient ( going into a clear colour) since I was using them as my prescription glasses and not sunglasses……anyways turned out amazing and I love love love them!!!!….the thing with me is if I like something, I like it …don't really care what people think ….and  I thought these were so cool and chic, a bit quirky but thats exactly what I loved about them….what I didn't expect was the amount of attention and people that would actually love & be drawn to the glasses/frames. Literally seemed like everywhere I went people complimented my glasses and thats when I was like oh wow,…..these turned out to be cooler and better than the pradas, …..I got a lot of compliments on the pradas but not as much as these FENDI's and it just made me realize …yes I am going to insert a life/bible lesson here …about God's promise to us…..How not to worry about the little things and how the latter will always be better than the former…..all you had to do was trust entirely in HIM and not "fret my pet";-) 
Oh oh and imagine my excitement when I later discovered some of my fave style stars have the same glasses as well…of course they wear theirs as sunglasses….but I was like guess I'm in GREAT COMPANY,…hehe,….Anyways had a couple of people ask me where i got my glasses from or who makes them so here I am sharing…….

They come in a bunch of different shades, RED with a red tint, BLUE, with a blue tint and  WHITE with a yellow tint ( I own the white with the yellow tint ( now mine customized with my prescription and gradient) BROWN with a light red tint as well.

They used to retail for about $410 but now are on sale on different sites from EBAY TO different sunglasses dealers from $210-$330 depending on colour of frames…..the Models of the frames are the FENDI 0074/S ….HAPPY SHOPPING!!!! 


RIP PRADAS ….TO MEET AGAIN SOON ( Might actually reorder them but just leave them as sunglasses)…and maybe a different fun colour.

"KachItWhileYouCan"- KACH-Y ITEM OF THE WEEK!!!

ITS FEBRUARYYYY!!!!! We are officially in 2016…You know January always feels like the warm up month…we are all still recovering from the holidays, getting adjusted to being back at work, a New Year and getting used to writing the new year in our dates. Anywayssss February also is somewhat of a festive month…. its Fashion week month, Black History month and Love month…..So, many reasons to get dressed up, be fashionable, cute and spoil ourselves…..And do I have the perfect item to add to your WISH/WANT/NEED LIST!!!!!….I stumbled upon this amazing online store www.worst-behavior.com. They are based out in Germany…anyways I saw this oh so cute sweater and I was like I need this, so i went a-searching and in the process not only did I find out they were uber affordable I ran across more want worthy items …..this AH-mazing jacket included….UNFORTUNATELY my size is sold out BUT please believe I definitely put myself down on that email list for an alert when back in stock ….it is sooo necessary for your winter/fall wardrobe. I remember seeing one from ACNE and lusting after it but thinking "Ayeee this will for sure break the bank and have you missing a few bill payments haa"….So you can just imagine my excitement when I found this gem…..The best thing about this jacket its a great mix between, chic, edgy,versatile and most importantly functional…..it will definitely keep you warm, while keeping you looking stylish and Cool. For a casual day with jeans and a jumper or vintage tee  and sneakers or booties or with a midi skirt or dress with boots …this Jacket has your covered. Now for the best part….price tag is below $200….Now tell me thats not a steal,…….This Jacket will Definitely have you feeling Like….*cuesDrakesworstbehavior* …."Flex….I'm just flexion'….On my Worst Behaviour no!?"….

The Cardi that sent me Searching:

The ACNE Jacket that had me Lusting….

The Worst Behavior Jacket that has me Waiting and Ancy…

This bad boy is selling out fast ( trust me I'm still waiting on my size to be available)...so my advice to you "KachItWhileYouCan".   Thank Me Later ;-)
Monday, January 25, 2016


So the Fall 2016 Mens Fashion Week is Currently going on in Paris right now!!!!! & Balmain just shut ishhhhh all the wayyyyy down……..I think this had to be the best collection they have come out with in a long while…its like they just keep getting better…..hats off to OLIVIER on this one!!!...The attention to details to this collection is nothing short of AHMAZINGGGGGG……Oh and the colour palette …whaaaa!!!!!!…..& the textures…..GASP…..I just wanted to dive into the computer and teleport myself to the runway and strip each of those male models down for their 'fits ( and yes for their 'fits alone….well for the most part *devilishgrin* hehe) ……I had to get down on my knees and say a prayer ….Like God this is the kind of luxury we would like to afford and have in our closet like A.S.A.P rocky( not the rapper….just the action :-P)….and NOOOO …its not because its Balmain or a mainstream brand….I literally wanted a piece of something I saw coming down from that runway ( and yesssss still talking about the clothing ….for the most part :-P) . OOH OHHHH... and then some of the female looks that graced the runway….beaded and fringed…..yesss fringeeee!!!….now you know I go cuckoo for fringeee…Now just give me one of those dresses, with any one of those men jackets and  bags …and I'm redty to go *in wanda of in living colour voice* Anyways before I start trying to pull an "ITALIAN JOB" on the BALMAIN SHOWROOM….Just take a looksie at some of the amazingness that graced the runway…..