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Thursday, May 20, 2010

ashish wedges

Soo from my last post...(soho bound. when we posted up the pics on twitter, everyone was going gaga (no pun intended)about ang's shoes. Sooo being the gracious wonderful person that I am, I decided to feature it as a fashionista find, so all you shoe lovers out there can get instant gratification. These wedges are ashish for topshop, gold metallic wedges limited edition. The details of this shoe is simply amazing...its woven at the top and come with three buckles which also have great detailing. Its a slingback so makes it comfortable and easily adjustable. The heel/wedge is about 6inches ( short ppl like me can benefit from the added height ...hehe) and a 2 inch platform also making it extremely comfortable to walk in. NOW I have some good news and some Bad news.....ok, the bad news first. Its sold out *ducks from thrown goods* lol .....BUT here's the good newsss..If you search had enough you may run across it on random individual sellers websites. They are also available on ebay, you just have to beat out another shoe loving fiend like yourself to get them. Also , I saved the best for last a couple of sizes are still available online, so you are indeed still in luck. They do not come that cheap either or affordable I should say (I hate to use the word cheap), they cost $310. Now,depending on how much you want these shoes, some of us may need to skip a couple of meals or bill payments to afford them, while some others may wipe their noses with that amount but all in all it is an amazing buy. It can go with just about anything in your spring/ summer wardrobe; JEANS, LEGGINGS, SKIRT, CARGO SHORTS & PANTS, THE CLASSIC LBD...it is a worthy buy, so go ahead and spoil yourself. Tell them kach sent ya ;-)
2 comments on "ashish wedges"
  1. yay!!! am frisssst.. love the shoes, fab, fab fab.. thanks for sharing.

  2. Love those shoes!!! Funny thing you started this blog. About a week ago, i was on your twitter page thinking i wish you had a blog cuz your sense of style in my opinion is beyond FABOOSH. I've been wondering if your parents are Nigerian by any chance? I would love to do a style post on you for my blog if you don't mind! I'm now following you on twitter so pls have a look at my blog and see if you might be interested. Either way, i hope you update this blog more often because your contribution to the fashion world is more important than you may think! I think you are fabulous! :) (my twitter name is NicosiNugo). x x x