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Friday, June 18, 2010

Fashion with a Cause

Soooo my new obsession for the summer, apart from oxfords, brogues & Trusty ol' Chuck...(chuck taylors ;-).....TOMS...OMG...these shoes are sooo comfy and go with just about any outfit. They are cool, funky and fresh. Best part it comes in all colors, patterns, material (tweed, sequins, cloth, leather, suede....) and its UNISEX...so guys this post applies to you too...
I know at first glance these shoes dont look like the most fashionable or flattering footwear , if anything it looks like some martial art shoes or something Bruce Lee would kick a** in ....BUT AU CONTRAIRE MI AMORES...U cant get more fashionable than this!!!...with a cute summer dress, minis and a t-shirt, ur fave skinnys, tank dresses ,leggings and short shorts...like I mentioned earlier they also come in sequins if u trying to be fancy ( oooh u fannccyyy...).
The Best part about these shoes...by Shopping and buying them you are doing a good deed, ..for every pair bought a pair is given to a child in need...so you are helping out by being FAB how great is that....check out ur next new obesession on WWW.TOMS.COM. The shoes range from $40-$70...affordable too. There are soo many reasons TO own these delectable shoes, so go 'head and get them in evry color and style ...I kno I want to..right now I have them in olive and red....I NEEED MOREEEE.....I'm a FIENDD!!!!
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