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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I am one that loves to see the people around me prosper and be successful. I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing and talented people. Also go-getters. Everyone around me has been blessed with their own unique talents and work hard to achieve their goals in life and be all they can be ( without having to be in the army....hehee).

I love surrounding myself with positive people and such motivated and driven people because they fuel me and inspire me to be better and to strive for more and also to find different strengths and talents within myself.

This post is dedicated to one of my dearest go -getter friends THE KID DAYTONA!!!!!!

Daytona is a talented BX Native Rapper and has been doing his thing since hes been in diapers ....well okay maybe not that long but hes been in the game a long time. His flow kinda brings you back to classic hiphop...u know the Slick ricks, Mase, Eric B and Rakeem NAS...u know the ppl that left their staple on the Hip-Hop. He definitely brings something refreshing to hip hop music as we know it today.

He is currently featured in the SHOW & PROVE section of the new XXL Magazine with Kanye West on the cover (pic above) . I think its very well deserved and only the beginning of a greater story for this young man. He is currently set to release a new mixtape sponsored by LRG called #the interlude, early october. Definitely something to be excited about . It is Dope music all around

Also to top it all off & to add the icing on the cake, he is a fashionisto and a trendsetter. Definitely one to always to things his own way and set his own path and that is enough reason to love THE KID DAYTONA!!!

To check out more on his projects and music go to the

LRG blog : http://www.l-r-g.com/blog/970


and also follow the kid on twitter..www. twitter.com/thekiddaytona
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