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Thursday, October 28, 2010

fashion Icon -1st round pick

Sooooo since this blog is about fashion , style and all that is fabulous and creative...I wanted to dedicate this post to some of my fave fashion icons of all times....BLONDIE, CYNDI LAUPER, & KELIS (figured I put someone from this generation as well lol)

I grew up listening to Blondie ....& one of my faves songs till date is the tide is high...I just remember always thinking she was the epitome of cool...she wore what she liked, dyed her hair different colors and seemed to push the envelope while still maintaining her cool...I adored her and Cyndi Lauper - Girls just wanna have fun and True Colours go haaaarddd...plus she def was stylish in her own right....she set her own trends and was always revamping herself.

See I just dont like your regular joes who just follow the crowd and do what others are doing, or wear things because other people said it was cool...but instead take the reins in their own hands and create their own style and path in life..... And I feel like these three people do just that.... In her time there was no one else doing what Cyndi Lauper was doing, no one that sang like her , no one that really dressed like her.... She was unique . She created her own sound and look and that was what made her the icon that she is today both in music and Fashion.

I threw Kelis in here as well because I feel like for our generation she is definitely a rebel with her own cause/ or maybe without a cause... who knows *kanye shrug* hahaa... All I know is she definitely called her own shots and did her own thing , .... she isn't scared to be different and she doesn't care to fit in.... she defines for herself what is fabulous...in her own words....."She's BOSSY" lol... In her music and her fashion choices from her hair cuts to dyes, ... she has always set her own standards...

And thats what these 3 women have in common for me and which makes them iconic to me because they set their own standards, constantly reinvented themselvs and followed their own rules... They didn't let anyone tell them what they can't or shouldn't do.... Instead They Showed others what THEY could do by setting trends and inspiring their generations and generations to come.....& this in itself its admirable and ICON worthy to me.... Sooo cheers to being the BEST YOU, YOU CAN BE!!!!! ...Always be yourself and not scared to reinvent or explore your uniqueness
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