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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My personal Coveted item for the week

New Week , New Item to Lust after......Sooo I took a trip to soho this weekend...had to pull out all the self control within myself not to go crazy, soo much to want, so little time ,...not to mention responsibility ...but as my dear friend Jess would say 'being responsible is not an excuse" so I definitely didnt leave empty haded ;-)..lol

Anyways on my quest, I went into one of my fave stores of all times...TOPSHOP!!!! & fell right inlove with these lace up canvas clogs with a detachable top (in tan and dark brown)....soooo FETCH ( channeling my inner mean girl haha). its like the military , clog, wooden heel , boot trend all in one.... These babies were sooo dope . They are from the UNIQUE TOPSHOP LINE and run for $310...which was the only thing that restrained me from purchasing (1st of the month bills are due man...messing up my whole swag..hehe).....

So I channeled my inner responsible self and walked out the store with my head hung low in misery... despite the fact my size was out there as display ready to be tried on ( which I did, and it looked just as amazing on)...so I get home check my mail... the new people magazine has arrived *EXCITEMENT* and I sit and gear up ready to read it....& why is it the first pg I turn to is the "trend alert" section and these shoes are there staring me in the face...I screamed "whyyyyy are you haunting me ????.....whyyyy". these pics don't even do them justice... Still on my quest to own these.... Donations are welcomed....Hahahaa..but I'm serious...lmaooo
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  1. I really need to check out Topshop US. I used to shop there when I lived in Ireland but just haven't bothered since it opened stateside.

    The Black Queen