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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm in love with Chloe!!!!

''Edith" Started it all for me....





Chloe Spring 2011 collection

'Marlow Python" and "Paddington"

"Marcie" and "Paraty"
Chloe Spring 2011 collection

Once upon a time in the world of fashion , the power fashion house Chloe came out with the Edith Messenger bag.... It was lust at first sight. I had to make her mine but she was out of my grasp but I couldnt let her go so easily, so I did what came naturally to anyone who's ever wanted something they couldn't have....I began to stalk her and obsess over her. In the process of stalking "Edith" I discovered she came from a family of beauties... "could this be possible... there was more than just one of where this gorgeous creation came from?? ...the world couldn't be that good to me...." but alas there was ...She had a slew of gorgeous and amazing family members and each year they birthed and added to their forever amazing brood....This is when it turned from just mere lust and obsession to an amazing love story.....I met Paddington, Marlow, Sally, Shelby, Victoria, Kathleen, Elsie, Paraty, Hedda , Marcie, Cary, .... to name a few... and their legacy continues with the new amazing Spring 2011 collection. What makes this the best love story ever because you can grow old with the love of your life (whichever one of the family members you decide to pick) ... because they just get better with age. Its like each day they become more attractive, because they are full of quality, authenticity and loyalty everything you want in a great lover....I think its safe to say I will always remain faithful to Chloe.....This is a love story that is definitely ending with ......and they lived Happily ever after & ALWAYS TO BE CONTINUED......
3 comments on "I'm in love with Chloe!!!!"
  1. Love Chloe too! I've got a paddington and Elsie while my mama rocks her victoria.. I'm tempted to steal that lol. Nice post and cool pictures. Love ya girlie. Stay cute xx Simi xx

  2. girl.............these bags are all gorgeous...you need to do a second post that show some affordable or vintage/thrift shop finds for us broke college students lol.


  3. OMG I have fallen in love with Chloe again. I need one of her bags in my life. I am about to stalk her and see if i can find a great bag on a discount rate