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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Like a Boy!!!!

Soooo Everyone already knows about my shoe obsession.... can never have enough shoessss ...shoesss, shoesss, shoessss!!! ....So I had the privilege to attend the New York Shoe Expo (FFANY).....Thank God for my Job.....hehe..Its where you get to preview the new collection coming out for the next season.... and I fell in love with these men inspired line... the loafers, brogues, and slippers are to die for...we have all the high end designers like Ralph Lauren, Christian Louboutins, miu miu, etc..... but being that this has been revamped by steve madden for the everyday shopper means that its affordable and you can stack up on a many styles and colours you want. I for one know i want them all...especially the studded loafers and the monogramed slippers and the patterned loafers....oooo I just want them ALL..... cant wait till they come out....They would look so cute with just about all the spring/ summer looks, with a cute dress short or maxi a pair of shorts, romper, jumper, leggings, straight leg or per legged slacks and jeans, with a cool blazer. It can even transcend into early fall, with your fave leather cropped jacket. These are definitely a MUST for me.....SO EXCITED cant wait to add on to my ever growing shoe collection :-D
3 comments on "Like a Boy!!!!"
  1. OMGEEEEE! I want them all! lol, great post!

  2. 9ice wrk n dedication u've put into constructin' d article Kanayo. Gr8 stuff! check ou ma blog as well although its not abou fashion its jst abou me n ma simple life. its: toyinolukoya-blogofmylife.blogspot.com.

  3. I am loving all of those. They remind me of TOMS and I am huge on TOMS. Have you seen their spring line. I know you would want several pair