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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Its been ages since I shone the spotlight on anyone.... heck till recently it been a while I had done anything at all on this blog....hahhaa...SMH @ myself...BUT I'm back now and its like I never left :-D.....

Anyways moving right along....My spotlight of the week section is dedicated to my fellow fashionistas/fashionistos....my faithful blog and twitter followers that love and appreciate fashion. They exude confidence and own their styles....Also, its a chance for me to appreciate positive individuals making a path for themselves and turning their dreams into reality...

So with all that said ...Meet Tasha or ( @tee_baby) as I fondly know her, one of my faithful twitter and blog followers and an avid lover of fashion from Dallas, Texas. She turned her love for vintage shopping into a profitable business for herself by creating her own boutique, imperfect concepts boutique ... where she shares with others all these great vintage finds and bargains.

She shares some of her fave fashion looks with us in the photos above, event cocktail chic, relaxed, playful cool laid back look ( love the tribal print pants, adds pizazz and character to the outfit along with the fedora), and lastly the Glam "you cant tell me nothing" look..... Loves it....(I am currently coveting that sequins top)...lol...

Make Sure to Follow Tee on twitter @tee_baby, and check out her boutique www.imperfectconcepts.com you might walk away with some amazing steals... Vintage is definitely the way to go ....can't go wrong there.... hmmm matter of fact now that I think about it....think I'm way overdue for vintage shopping....guess I shall be logging on to imperfect concepts myself as well...hehee ;-)

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  1. Thanks for doing the lovely write up on me boo!!