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Monday, March 28, 2011

Angela Simmons is... Sheer-ific

 Angela , along side Pauly D on a blogpost on how to get their looks
 LOVE these leggings ..

The Infamous twitpic that gave these leggings a life of its own!!!

Its Spring Timeeeee!!!!....Well Calender-wise.... temperature-wise it still feels like the beginning of Winter *Burrrrrrr* (whyyyyyy whyyyyy soooo unfair )..... but that doesn't mean we still can't Channel Spring in our wardrobe...
Angela is currently in NYC...reconnecting with her orginal stopping grounds , as well as working on new ventures and revamping Pastry. Well in the midst of working , she has to do her press runs and she ended up having to attend this cosmo event, where Pauly D from the infamous MTV series Jersey Shore was DJ'aying. It was impromtu and I had literally less than 2hrs to come up with a look and outfit for her for this event .
Sooo the day ....gloomy, hailing and raining,......definitely doesnt sound like weather you would like to be out in, especially when you just had yor hair done, right? but you gotta do what you gotta do, when duty calls ....So we decided on a comfy but cool outfit for the event....Now when I first pitched this outfit to Ang ,....she kinda looked at me like uhmmm your serious? grey on grey?  BUT then her next question after that was ...You think it will work? and I was like "yea its a subtle grey plus the sides are sheer so its not gonna come across to harsh or matchy but lets put it on first"....but after the 'yea' Ang had checked out on the rest of my reasoning and was like Okay we'll try it .... Once she put it on ...she fell in love with the look because it still had the sexiness factor ( re the sheer sides and the drop front on the top), as well as
comfy factor.... and the length and cut of the top helped balance the leggings, giving it a more classy but youthful look as opposed to too slutty or in your face. Now the weather was grey but that didnt mean Ang had to completely match it, sooo in comes the colour factor...the Coral pumps..which helped liven up the outfit, make it more playful,young and fun....minimal but classy accessories and our effortless and carefree look was created.
Angela tweeted a photo of her look in the car and her timeline and mines went crazyyy...everyone wanted to know where they could get those leggings from and the shoes...I answered a few of the tweets and @'ed the designer Althea Harper...whose collection by the way is simply amazing defintely worth taking a look,( Angela also wore the building leggings w/ sheer sides durig fashion week at the Vivienne Tam show re: NYFASHION WK BLOGPOST)...check out her site http://www.altheaharper.com/  and the shoesss get ready to be shocked and suprised...Steve Madden...the Bevv  ( http://www.stevemadden.com/ ) *Gasp* YUPPP!!!...they have an amazing spring shoe selection this season and Ang loves to mix it up sometimes...She believes its all about fashion and YOU as the individual wearing it MAKE the outfit look stylish and worth a million bucks ;-) ..which she did with this outfit.!!!!!
This 'fit not only won the hearts of her twitter fans but also alot of blogs loved it and did a feature on how to get the look....even coco and creme picked it as their look of the day,...
Who would have thunk it ....our simple effortless look causing such a stir ...but guess thats what its all about...To be able to give an outfit LIFE and make a Statement and a Statement Angela made (as per usual) ....2 snaps and a twist...!!!! hehe
10 comments on "Angela Simmons is... Sheer-ific"
  1. OMG my mouth just dropped when you said steve madden. I knew for sure you were gonna say YSL ... she looks amazing

  2. she looked great! And I can't believe ur able to throw that together in just 2hrs...AMAZING!

  3. Outfit looks amazing!!! You clearly have a great eye for "whats hot", especially when only having two hours. I cannot wait to finish school to pursue my career as a stylist. PS. Your style is AMAZING!!!

  4. you look amezing!

  5. I'm loving this outfit on Angela!! Those sheer leggings are the bomb!! And I'm a huge Madden fan, why didnt I know that Bevv came in this color? OMG!!!!


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