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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Itsss that time again....where we put the spotlight on and acknowledge another fabulous individual amongst us.....Honestly this is one of my favourite posts to do on my blog because I feel like sometimes we are soo busy admiring celebrities and media personality, whether its their style, looks, achievements or lifestyle....We forget those around us that have those same unique qualities, whether its their style or their drive or pursuing their dreams...they too are doing things noteworthy and worthy of a mention or acknowledgement....AND for this reason I love doing this post because i am inspired everyday by people around me or people that I know and hear their stories of following their dreams or discerning their own path in life.....

Sooo with all that said... Letssss shine our SPOTLIGHT on CYNTHIA ONYEJIJI.....She is such an amazing spirit....just corresponding with her via email, reading up on her life journey and also watching her youtube videos...I was truly moved and inspired by her journey.....Originally from Nigeria, based out of San Francisco....she had a hobby and fascination on hair..... a complete hair enthusiast. Working at a Law office at the time, she decided the only other way to feed her hair obsession was to make youtube videos in her spare time and this way she can still share her love for hair with the world as well as getting her daily hair fix out of her system...Her youtube videos started gathering momentum and gained a following ....amongst that following was a major hair company in South East Asia...Now ask me where Cynthia is today...Yesss Her crazy behind up and relocated herself and her life as she knows it to Asia....YUUPPP half way around the world...talk about following your dreams... This hair company that took an interest in her, sought her out and offered her a job and an amazing position working with them but it meant her up and relocating to Asia......and she did... she now works with Arjuni hair company in Cambodia...
Now how amazing is that... just trying to find an outlet to share and let out your hobby and staying true to yourself and with that comes along a whole new life and opportunity to do exactly what you love and dreamt of all your life....That in itself is like a fairytale story in its own right,.....Of course like the rest of us for like a split second , her parents thought she was insane and was throwing away her life for the unknown....when she pretty much already had it together with a steady job that most of us would probably die to have ( well at least for the stability and steady paycheck) ..... and they definitely were about to have her institutionalized till she regained her senses....haaaaa ookay not really but damn near ...( African Parents don't play that....lol) but yea they didn't take it oo well but as its her life to live they had to trust her decision and let her walk her own path......and she is doing amazingly well

As well as having amazing hairstyles (I absolutely adore her bountiful curls in these photos), she is your go to person for anything hair...so much so, she made me want to get whatever hair shes hawking and try it out, so I too can flip and swing my hair for the cameras hahaaaaa ...anyways in addition she has an amazing sense of style, which compliments her different looks and hairstyles....She sets her own trends and path in life which definitely makes Cynthia more than worthy of our SPOTLIGHT.....SOOO SHINNNNEEEEE GURRRRRLLLLL!!!!!! ;-P

 Check out some of her youtube videos here http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=nIf4X03I5rI

 Cynthia in her new home in Cambodia....

FOLLOW Cynthia on twitter @ONYE317

2 comments on "SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK!!!!"
  1. Aaaawww she looks amazing. I would love to hang with her lol great spotlight

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