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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

These are a few of my Favourite things....

......"When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad I simply remember my favourite things and then I don't feel sooo saaaadd.....hehe... but really though these items bring excitement to my life ( YES YES I am a dork ,...its already been established). I guess because they push the envelope and to most people , DON'T even deserve to exist, especially as a trend in the fashion world .....BUT for me this is what makes these items AMAAAAZZZINGGGG. I guess you can call me a rebel at heart. I like the things people say you CAN'T do, so I can show you how you CAN (.... do this son)...hehe ( sorry couldnt resist) but yea...I know many people DESPISE the whole pegleg/ harem pant/jeans trend, all things Fringe, as well as the Turban trend and are just keeping vigil , praying that it goes away....but I feel it brings something different to the table and adds a little twist and flare to your look. Also, it helps transcend your outfit to a new dimension / it rattles your fashion cage a little bit, removes you from your comfort zone . They are all so very tricky trends to pull off....the denim on denim look, peg leg, rocker/grunge tees, Fringe, sweatpants as chic and clogs/woodies - I love things that challenge me or help ignite the creativity in me and these items do just that, I love that when trying to put together a look with any one or all of these items I come up with such a cool, unique look. They are just a fun look to help reinvent or add on to your already fabulous style....So like in the sound of music ( which by the way is one of my fave movies ever , ....yes another dork moment).... lets skip through the hills and streets, jump on beds, take horse and carriage rides, bike ride through the park, cruise the sea....(Hmmmm , if I didnt know any better I'd say the Von Trapp family kids hung in NYC>>>HAHA) to celebrate my favourite things in fabulosity .....It seems only right ;-P
2 comments on "These are a few of my Favourite things...."
  1. I am loving this post. I want some slouch pants like all the ones u posted. Trying to rock the rocker chic look now. No need to feel sad...

  2. thanks lovee....haha...i think you can pull it off