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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Memorial Day Weekend Diary!!!!

Helllo Everyoneee....How was everyone's long weekend? I know there was alot going on this weekend .... Alot travelled to Miami, Vegas, Miami, and wherever else..... Hope everyone had fun, while being safe at the same time....I've heard alot of horrifying scary stories about things going on all over....  people getting injured, hurt & Dying ( Sean Kingston ski accident, and all the people that got hurt in the shoot-out in miami, the bus that crashed, the owner of LRG ...ETC..) makes you appreciate life and realize how precious it is, which is why I opened this post with that little quote. We often automatically expect Tomorrow to come but truth is Tomorrow is a gift, that God blesses us with daily and its up to us to make the best of it... let the people you love and that matter to you know it and don't spend time worrying and stressing about irrelevant things or people....appreciate and live each day with gratitude and purpose.......

I, personally had a lowkey but quite eventful holiday....Stayed in NYC but enjoyed my time with friends and even had some work thrown in as well....I will give you a day to day run down of my memorial day weekend...You know I am all about sharing...

FRIDAY, MAY 27TH, 2011
Friday was filled with work, work , work, work,.....I had a photoshoot and spent my whole week prepping for it....It was an exciting shoot with a pretty interesting concept.. our job was to transform this model into a ravenous bird....so think all your dark birds that prey on other birds.....I think it went pretty awesome. We shot at an abandoned building in williamsburg Brooklyn and alot of the clothes had like feathers, furs , lace and sheer...to kinda capture the avian theme ....because I love you guys soo I will give you guys a sneak peek into a couple of looks of the shoot..... I took these with my phone so excuse the quality and also there were 5 looks in total wasnt able to capture the 4th look but soon tooo comee... I am excited about the finished product...which I will of course share when I receive the photos back....


ANDDDD....while on set the make up artist decided to give me a make over...and did my make up...I am like a make-up artist dream ...I don't like to wear make up...the most I would do is eyeliner and a strong lip ( red, pink or fuschia lipstick)......sooo make up artist love to show me the beauty and transformation make up bringsss....and of course I love to oblige once in a while and have fun with it ...this time around I wanted strong smokey eyez. Had my own mini shoot after my make up make-over hehe.... What do YOU guys think?? ;-)
After my shoot I had all these exciting things planned, moviesss, drinksss w/ friends, etc... but I was sooo knackered none of them happened....I even showered ( to wake me up) and attempted to  head out but just ended up right back a home with friends and spent the time watching youtube vids, laughing and cracking jokes....GREAT DAY ALL IN ALL...I always love when I have work , no matter how long the shoots,... at the end of the day I feel so happy and fulfilled :-)
On  Saturday, my friends and I just enjoyed the amazing weather and walked around the city and then we had a fun nite out with some more friends with dinner and a nite out about town
 okay we werent all quite ready for the picture here....lol...look at the funny faces we are making
  "errryday they ask how we doing...."Deuces" up playboy we coolin' we just coolin' we coolin' coolin' ...." hehe

This was a very fun nite....we were feeling very sex & the cityish....;-P

SUNDAY, MAY 29TH, 2011
Sunday FunDay....Ang and I took a drive out to queens and hung out with her mum and sisters.... we hung out around the area, went to applebees and then to the park and then attempted a bbq that was going on around there... keyword; "attempted"...lol...we lasted only about 10minutes...

 Ang and her mum and company on our walk along the trail to get to the park "nature day"
 Ang getting in touch with her inner child....lol
 yesssss, shs slimed me with silly stringgg....smhh lol
 and was sooo proud of her accomplishment she took not one but 2 Photos of her handy work...haha #goodtimesss

MONDAY, MAY 30TH, 2011
Ahhhh finally we made our way out to Jersey to get some good ol' BBQ......tho before we left I had to throw in some work and did some showroom returns so I could fully enjoy my day ....anyways we threw on our sunnies and summer clothes and cruised to Jersey with some silliness in tow...
and it was great times had....amazing food, more than we could eat, swimming, great company, good friends, great convo and jokes.....it was the perfect way to end the loong weekend.....nothing beats great friends and family.....
 ang, me, kat, dani and jess...after our dip in the pool ( well except jess)
fruit platter......it was amazing...we were sooo focused on eating we didnt even think to take photos of the spread before we attacked it like hungry banshees..lol...amazing food , chicken wings, potatoe salad, pasta salad, corn, hot dogs, burgers, veggie burgers, hot sausages, grilled veggies, chips .... ooo my its taking me back...well @ least u got a photo of the fruits.. hehe...

I truly felt like my holiday was well spent and I got to spend quality time with amazing friends.... ~friends are the family we choose,.....
at first I felt like I needed to go away somewhere in order to enjoy the holidays but at the end of it all found out that I really enjoyed the down time and all the good convos ..... all in all it was a good weekend ....NO REGRETS....

How was everyone elses Memorial day?? what did you guys do? share stories with me and send me some photos? would love to know...send to : kachmeifyoucan@gmail.com...

Now back to work for everyone ...... and trying to adjust to the week...I hope the new month (JUNE) brings amazing, new opportunities and greatness to our year *MUAH*
2 comments on "My Memorial Day Weekend Diary!!!!"
  1. Glad you had a great, fun weekend just chilling with friends and family. No matter what anyone says, that's always the best way to have fun. My weekend was cool. Went to the beach and chilled.

  2. I think your makeup looked great on you! I didn't even know you posted/ had a blog :)
    Hope all is well with you- i thoroughly enjoyed reading :)))) xo Nicole