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Friday, May 13, 2011


I knoowwww I knowww I've beeen gone for a while slacking on my blogging...Tsk Tsk Tsk Shame on me but you know life happens and you try to keep up andf stay afloat....Sooo I've just been dealing with life trying to put things in perspective, work on new things, re-priotize, travelling and so on....and then everytime I wanted to come back and blog...got side tracked and got into other things...I have come to the conclusion I need to find someway to get my life in order somehow.. Need to get an assistant or something...too many things to do and rememeber at once ...that i loose track of time ...crazyyy but yea....

Anyways, I am in so many ways thankful for all the positive feedback and comments on the blog and also for all the emails I receive, whether its in seeking advise, encouragement or just to say hi...I love them all and I always reply to them all....May take me a while but I reply lol.

Not too long ago an avid reader of my blog sent me an email mixed with encouraging sentiments, as well as sharing with me some obstacles sometimes they come across as far as feeding their passion and just pursuing their ultimate dream....and of course it toook me a while to get back to her but one night I took timeout to reply to my (blog) emails and after re-reading her email to reply I realized something....This is not only her, this is me, this is you, this is friends, this is ALL OF US....

When we feel so passionately about something whether is our work, hobby, skills, or whatever, our fear of not being adequate enough to fulfill the task sometimes gets overwhelming because we want SOOOO bad to succeed and reach the pinnacle of our career/ passion that we have set for ourselves that sometimes it scares us.  Especially when whatever you have set ur sights on career wise might be deemed unconventional by most. So sometimes we get stuck trying to please others and get approval from others that we loose our purpose. Sometimes we are soo wrapped up trying to prove ourselves to these ppl ( family, friends, haters, etc) ....too busy trying to "SHOW THEM" that we loose our focus and we forget the heart behind it ......and then here comes dicouragement, here comes the feeling of lack of inspiration, ....in other words we HIT OUR BRICK WALL and cant seem to find a way around it.....and we sit STUCK ...wondering where to go from there, scared that you have proved these naysayers right, disappointed in yourself, second guessing your purpose and direction you have chosen....like I said this is ME, this is many people I know.....BUT then there comes a time when you STOP and REALIZE,....it's YOUR life, no one else can live it for you, no one else can be you ...There can only be one KANAYO EBI, just like there can only be one {INSERT NAME HERE}...So why are we allowing other people dictate to us, the direction our lives should go in, especially when God ( who is the Author of our lives) has already written out and purposefully shown/ directed us down the paths we should go and belong.That my dears is what I call a PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE.....and that has been bestowed on each and every one of us, so dont ignore or discard or starve your gifts, feed it and help it keep growing and developing into the greatness that its supposed to be. YES, there may be roadblocks or hurdles to scale, there's no guarantee that its gonna come easy but what I do know is that as long as you have faith believe in yourself and your dreams and your vision you will get to your destiny.....You just gotta KEEP ON TRUCKIN'....and also those hurdles and roadblocks helps us build up character and strength, so see them as something positive meant to teach us and mold us towards our greatness..... Surround yourself with positivity and people who inspire you in different ways and not people who drain you or suck you dry and leave you feeling empty.....

Anyways I took the liberty to post my reply to my lovely reader, because after I wrote it and read it over, it spoke to me too and I, too took something from it...it was like I needed that reminder too, to just believe and know all will work out and just find ways to keep inspired as opposed to letting doubt eat @ me....

{actual email}

Anyways, don't be discouraged or disheartened it is very normal to lose focus or feel uninspired or doubtful ... Especially when you are a creative individual or trying to create a path on your own in life ... It gets tough and discouraging at times and that's completely normal... till today I get moments like that , matter of fact having one right now but what helps u get back up or re fuels you is your love and passion for what you do and the vision you have behind it. That's the most important thing NEVER LOSE YOUR VISION ... Never let anything or anyone deter you from that vision . Look @ the obstacles or road blocks you encounter as blessings to build character and mold you into a better and stronger individual.
If you know for a fact what your desire and passion in life is and know where your heart lies I say go for it because if you don't there will always be a void that's left unfulfilled in you and a part of you will always be left empty. Just BELIEVE in yourself, your talent, your craft and the plan God has for your life and eventually you will turn all the nay sayers into Believers too because they will have no choice but to believe because they see the fire and passion coming from you. Just stay steadfast. I'm not going to lie ... Its a tough and rough road ( not easy at all) but that's what makes the journey all the sweeter when you reach your destiny (destination) .
And anytime you ever feel un inspired pick up a book, magazine, watch ur fave movie, take a walk, look around you and draw inspiration from something because its all around you ... The littlest most insignificant thing can inspire you without u even realising it ... Just PAY ATTENTION AND OPEN UP YOUR MIND. JUst set yourself apart and create according to your own vision and inspirations and you will be fine.

I hope this was a bit helpful to you and I hope you were inspired a bit ...feel free to write me whenever if you need for me to elaborate on anything else or just need an outlet to vent or speak out.

Stay blessed and forever inspired

I knowww this was all a bit heavy and off the usual fashion pics and fun stuff u expected to get for my return but I felt it only right to share and to keep it still fun I inserted some photos toooo of me and . Well I hope everyone is having  a fun and faboulous week. Enjoy life, count your blessings & STAY INSPIRED *MUAH*
4 comments on "OPEN LETTER {DREAM CHASER}"
  1. Omg, I needed to read this post. YES!

    Thank you for the incredibly inspiring words.


  2. Yes honey child when I say I was having those feeling about life you just said it all I truly adore you and all the hard work you do. Thank you for all the support you give me personal & the love you spread about Imperfect Concepts. You are killing the game right now & trust those haters just wanna take your crown. Keep being motivated and pushing others. Love u to pieces tasha

  3. @MY Modest mouth blog, girlllll me tooooo.. Thanks Kanayo! I appreciate this.

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