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Friday, May 20, 2011


WOW!!!! I have missed doing this post soooo much because everyday in my line of work I come across sooo many amazing talents that are influential in their own rights and are slowly but surely conquering their fields.. I have like 3 or 4 Spotlights of the week lined up ....so i need to light that fire under my behind and get to blogging so the rest of the world can know these amazing people and appreciate their potentials as much as I do....

Sooooo Letsss seeee our SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEEK goessss tooo SUE TSAI!!!!!! yayyyy *throws confetti*.....

Sue is a young woman who is responsible for alot of my arm candy and cool accessories...She has her own jewellery line ....aptly named after her SUE TSAI....and I have seen this young lady come a very long way with  her line and she just recently celebrated her 1 year anniversary this past wednesday ( May 18th, 2011) and I felt she genuinely deserved this post. Sue at first sight is a pretty, sweet laid back, almost quiet and shy young lady with a cool and laid back yet sexy style.....Until you complement her accessories and ask her where she got it from and she tells you she makes it and owns her own high end accessories line and then you seee ...she is indeed a force to be reckoned with and is both beauty and brains.  I was first introduced to Sue when she contributed swag for one of Vanessa Simmons birthday party. She made these adorable black stackable rubber bracelets with colourful stones...They were so cool and went with everything .... I used some of these bracelets on my clients and they too fell in love with them...Fast Forward a year later...Sue decided to expand her brand and began making high end accessories , made out of silver and gold ....she also incorporated the trendy beads and ball bracelets into her collections and with this she gathered more fans and expanded her clientele ,.....including MEN... YUP...she is one of the smart ones ( who runs the world ?? girlss....hehe couldnt help myself) ......she made her line accessible to the men too.... and she makes all of her own stuff.... YUP thats right she has her own studio, where she crafts and comes up with her masterpieces.....(told u she was a force to be reckoned with ). She created bracelets , chains and rosaries that would appeal to the men as well . OMG as much amazing stuff SUE has from bracelets to rings I cant help myself from always wanting something new or updating my sue tsai collection.....I am an avid lover of her designs and a constant supporter ( yes to the point I dragged myself out of my house rain, and all to attend her anniversary party). I just love how sue constantly pushes herself and sets her standards high always....shes always one step ahead...she has indeed stooped to conquer.... Hats off to you SUE and congratulationsssss on your one year and I know it only gets better from here....*cheers*

 Sue ROCKING some of her own bracelets

 this torquoise diamond gold skull bracelet is one of the new additions to my sue tsai collection....it was love at first sight.... *googly love eyes*

Vanessa and Angela Simmons in Teen Vogue wearing Sue Tsai Bracelets
Angela Simmons in Sue Tsai Diamond ball bracelets ( Ang is obsessed with these bracelets and absolutely loves them....)
 Laz Alonzo in Sue Tsai wooden bracelet

MAINO on 106 & Park in Sue Tsai Bracelets
NFL Star Dwight Freeney in Sue Tsai Accessories.

Yours Truly (MOI) laced in Sue Tsai Bracelets ....#Unadultratedlove btw a girl and her jewels ;)

to check out more of Sue's stuff go to www.suetsai.com
Follow Sue on Twitter @suetsai
2 comments on "SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK!!!!!"
  1. I love Sue's pieces. I will most definitely get several pieces for my birthday gift to myself. She is a force to be reckoned with...