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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Burberry Leather Jacket & Christian Louboutin Phyton 4A booties...Don't mind if I do...

So I maybe late and all but I just discovered Miss Sandford...she makes up 1/5th of the U.K girl group The Saturdays... & she's simply FABULOUS....In my quest of hunting down the Christian Louboutin pyhton 4A booties ( re: coveted item of the week post).... She kept on popping up ... & I absolutely fell in love with her effortless, bold and edgy  style.... Everyone all ready know i love the effortlessly chic look... and when a person owns their look/style.... & oo does she!!!... from her edgy but well put together outfits to her dope haircut and au naturale make-up..What I love the most about her style is simplicity is key !... she keeps her whole look simple but always adds a key item to bring it all together (i.e shoes, purse, accessories).... Also I love how she mixes up affordable pieces ( high street fashion) (I noticed she too has an undying love for topshop #love).. with her expensive high end pieces,and vintage pieces...the perfect balance. Her wardrobe is enviable ...Her sense of style Noteworthy...However you put it.. Frankie shows you how to be effortlessly chic, cool, edgy & fabulous all in one while still staying true to self.... *snapsss for Frankie*

Bag envyyy....!!! Gladly take the shoess too...heehe
U know my obsession with all things fringgggeee!!!>..*gush*
Frankie with her group THE SATURDAYS!!..on the far right llove the dress and the strong combo with the black...

For more photos of Frankie Sandford...check out my last post of " MY COVETED ITEM OF THE WEEK" She made a couple of appearances with her bold fashion choices.

Also follow the forever fashionable Frankie on Twitter to see what she's up to : www.twitter.com/frankiethesats
 also if your looking for new fun music,....check out this fun video from her group THE SATURDAYSSS ( I like them , think they are hip and fun )..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vte4HUoRDSI&feature=fvst
3 comments on "All EyeZ On.....FRANKIE SANDFORD!!!!"
  1. until now, i've never realised how well she is styled... lovely

  2. I love her style,.....i dress pretty similar, but obviously i can only afford high street versions of her outfits. :-D

  3. I JUST found your blog after searching for 'Frankie Sandford' hairstyle. I've lately been obsessed about cutting my hair & have looked at ALL-literally, ALL hairstyles on every model, celebrity, or other person out there online & I keep coming back to Frankie. I cannot get ENOUGH of her hair!! Well, her signature 'do, not the shorter crop she seems to be sporting now. And I've also fallen in love with the rest of her style! How did I not know her before now? I'm planning to cut my hair short & she is my new style inspiration! Thanks for your blog! I found a couple of pics I want to print to use for the stylist to use as a guide! :D