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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Size....Aint nothing but a number....!!!

In the wonderful world of Fashion and just this great world we live in, you are pretty much made to believe that or else you are nothing less than a size 6, nothing stylish, fashionable or trendy will look good on you... Anything past a size 6 ( considering the avg American woman is a size 14) ... is pretty much considered obese and so you should just go hang yourself because society will never accept you and you are the equivalent to a Leper ( who no one wants to be around in fear of being infected) and cast away... AND YES I SAY ALL THIS WITH EVERY OUNCE OF SARCASM......One of my favourite shows that I just recently got into is Drop Dead Diva, is a comedy series on Lifetime tv, about a aspiring model, who had the perfect life, perfect body and perfect fiance and who dies in a car crash and sends herself back to earth but ends up in the body of a plus size lawyer, with a great heart, intellegence but boring life and very unflattering wardrobe and lack of fashion sense. Anyways one of the episodes I watched was her suing a retail store because their store didnt carry the dress she wanted in any size higher than a 10
(because they felt anything above that would not do the garment justice) and the poor treatment she received in the store because she was not their "target customer". It was an entertaining episode, still had it laughs as it hit some real issues that people are too scared to address. We've even had famed designer Karl Lagerfield say "clothes look better on thin people"....In a way this skinny VS plus size ppl has taken on a life of its own and has infact become a  form of discrimination and segregation.... We have all these images surrounding you of unaturally skinny ppl and ads of what the "perfect" man or woman looks like and we have the youths and even adults buying into it and taking drastic measures to make sure they achieve this look... developing eating disorders, going on fad diets, abusing pills and laxatives, even going under the knife.
Now before I continue, I am not saying I am supporting obesity or saying Skinny people are evil ( Like Monique hehe ) I rather like Skinny ppl..lol...but everyone cant be a size 2 or even a size 6 ...Everyone was not made to be that... Now be HEALTHY!!! and if you are uncomfortable with how you look then definitely do something about it but let the reasoning behind it be one of substance and be of  sound MENTAL Health. . You need to build your self-esteem and know your worth as a person and know you are fearfully and wonderfully made and God made NO mistake on you ..& dont let anyones magazine, commercials, designer, retail store, tell you different.... Just LOVE YOURSELF, however you are big, small, skinny, fat, tall, short and if theres something you want to improve on go ahead...Also, I am not saying all the trends are meant for everyone. Wear what suits your body shape and will flatter your curves, as opposed to playing up your imperfections .....and this goes for both big and skinny. There are certain clothes Skinny ppl may not fill out properly and there are clothes that don't flatter larger sizes, you just have to use your diserning mind to decipher what works for you!!!....Anyways, I find that since eating disorders has become a growing epidemic and we have more and more ppl dying from it esp in the Fashion Industry...the industry is trying to take more of a stand to find a way to help with the issue. Recently, V Magazine did a shoot pining a skinny model against a plus size one wearing the exact same outfit and accessories...I think this was a phenominal concept and I think the photos are amazing.( though the model used barely qualifies as plus size).... Also Vogue Italia is also featuring plus size models on their upcoming june cover in sexy lingerie and I must say its an aamazing spread...which just goes to show Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and as long as you carry yourself with poise, dignity and confidence you can exude Beauty and elegance despite what size you are...Your Dress Size DOES NOT define YOU... You define YOU!!!

4 comments on "Size....Aint nothing but a number....!!!"
  1. nice write up! i love it..it is so hard for girls these days, i personally love my curves and cant imagine being a size zero! i grew up with a lot of insecurities, but i later realized beauty is skin deep..ONE SIZE DEFINITELY FITS ALL.

  2. I love this post. I am a person who yo-yo diets not internally but I have wanted to be the girl on the cover of the magazine but after years of yo-yo dieting for the moment I realized in order to be healthy and maintain a healthy weight that I will need to make this a life style change and that I don't to strive to be the girl on the cover because I am beautiful just the way God made me :)

  3. now after reading this post I want to be the models on the cover of V Italia...love it :)