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Monday, June 13, 2011


I spend most of my past time researching and googling fun Stuff up ( GOOGLE IS heaven sent).... And one of my fave things to look up outside of clothes and shoes...& fun accessories (bags, glasses and all things cool) ...IS all kinds of quotes; love quotes, inspirational quotes, movie quotes, fashion quotes, literary quotes ( literature used to be like my fave subject ...love a good old english book, u know like your shakespeares, Jane Austen and all that ( yea kind of a closet geek- I admit it & I'm proud..hehe0.. But I came across this really cool quote that I thought was so fitting for me, this blog and just in life period...and soo I Decided to do the switcherooo and change it up to be my background so it can always remind me and also all my lovely readers to DREAM & LIVE!!!!... and it came to me at the perfect time because I just got this sudden urge that I WANTED to change my background but I couldnt put my finger on what I wanted it to be changed to...until I got inspired on one of my many googling expeditions ;-D... and  it came to me and I went in search of a cool but inspirational quote I felt represented me ...& I  found it and made the change all by myself ( be proud of me Tash Leake-( she helped me design my blog) but yea so here it is..... it reads ..."LIVE WHAT YOU DREAM, DREAM WHAT YOU WANT, WANT WHAT YOU HAVE, HAVE WHAT YOU DESERVE.......AND YOU DESERVE TO LIVE....!!!!!!

I'm gonna let y'all process that for a bit.... Hope everyone has an Amazing & Blessed Weeekkk!!! & Let's LIVE!!!!!
4 comments on "SWITCHEROOOieee !!!"
  1. I agree! Google is the best thing eva,I also google inspiration quotes plus quotes from my favorite books ( Harry Potter,lol) and movies,even serves as my dictionary...I love dis post cos I cud totally relate with it...#Lets live!

  2. That is one nice quote there! I so agree with you on this.Google is a life saver. You can find every single thing on it and can get millions of ideas that you can replicate at home, office space or even at your university.

  3. Inspirational quotes are just important and at the same time to get inspired is more important, and people should learn lesson from the quotes

  4. Google is no doubt the best search engine ever introduced. It is the most used engine and the reason is its database which is quite huge.