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Friday, August 5, 2011


I've had a whirlwind two weeks...but its been such a rush and soo fun.. see I am somewhat of a workaholic and love when I am constantly on the move, creating and working on different projects...SO when my clients came into town, with a list full of events to attend on their short NYC trip ...I pretty much had to start pulling tricks out of my magic stylist hat, put looks together and have them looking like the Belles of whichever ball they had to attend hehe ;-)
JULY 30TH - VANESSA & ANGELA SIMMONS ATTEND THEIR UNCLE, RUSSELL SIMMONS ANNUAL ART FOR LIFE EVENT 2011. The colours for this event was sunkist saffron and red jade - yah I know, what exact colours are those? Definitely had to go about doing my research to make sure I had it right when I callled up those showrooms but turned out to be quite an interesting learning experience for me. In my research I found that the Monks of Tibet wear similar colours mixed in their robes and these colours range in a colour chart from like a tangerine orange to a goldish yellow and burgandy/ dark red ( and this is how I explained it to the showroom for my pulls..)...Say Yes To the power of educating self haha ...& everything turned out amazing.. The girls looked and felt good in their outfits and had a blast...and that is all that matters ;-)

Vanessa AND Angela Both wore Rachel Roy Clothing and Cesare Paciotti Shoes, Earrings by Rachel Roy, Angela's necklaces by Mbrulee, Vanessa's clutch by Cesare Paciotti

I must say this was such an amazing and fun night I was sooo glad I got to attend... Lets just say you definitely will NOT be disappointed by the album AT ALL.... it is worth the wait ...soo brace yourself people...its genius at its best....ANYWAYS back to the fashion, lol... Like I said it was a fun, chilled laid back night, so we put together a fun yet sexy outfit for this night about town...& oooh what an eventful night it was :-D!!!!!
Angela's shoes by   Christian Louboutin, Box clutch by Nicole Miller, accessories by SUETSAI

AUGUST 3RD, 2011- ANGELA SIMMONS ATTENDS ROLLING STONE COVER PARTY AND COMMON GOOD COCKTAIL PARTY !!!!!- Despite the rain and gloomy weather that didn't stop us from galavanting around NYC and making the best out of what could have been a bum night..instead we put our best fashion foot forward and "dressed" to the occassion. I fell in love with this look right from the Nicole Miller showroom and was hoping Ms Simmons would be sold on it too, despite her array of amazing options ( too many clothes- not enough events hehe). Well as you can see, she did go for it and was actually love at first sight for her- fashion match made in heaven,...I just loved the two tone metallic cropped vest with the very well tailored and fitted straight- leg harem like pants...it was just a very 'laxed outfit but yet had a crazy, sexy, cool feel to it ;-) haha... I loved the edgy, yet futuristic look it had to it & then accessories and shoes just tied it all together. The outfit just seemed so perfect for the weather cause it seemed to be saying "though its raining, I can still look cool,comfy, fashionable and vivrant and run this town tonight" hehe..& run the town we did lol

Angela wore Nicole Miller clothing & clutch, SUETSAI accessories and Giuseppe Zanotti black butterfly crystal wedges
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