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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Sooo I just wanted to do a quick shout out to J.Cole on this song ....It reminds me of how important it is to follow ones dreams and also to believe and support each other however we can.... When we shot this video with Jermaine in 2008, he was unsigned and shopping for a deal, all he had at this point was his passion, drive and will to make it. I went to school with Jermaine ( SJU) and we all were pretty cool,... so when they asked me if I would help in putting this project together as far as styling it ( though they had no budget )... I was more than happy to help and contribute in whatever way they needed,...all I saw his talent and his will and drive to make it and I just wanted to help however I could to get him where he needed to be. They shot this video as a Trilogy, so it was Simba, Lost Ones & Lights Please... ( did the wardrobe for all 3, not sure if Lights please will ever be released but all the same.....) & we shot all weekend long ... Fast Forward 3years later...J.Cole is now signed to Roc Nation and is one of the biggest artist out now and is definitely leaving his impact and mark in the music Industry.
So as much as I like this song and the story it tells,.... for me and I'm sure everyone else associated with this project then, including Jermaine himself....there is sooo much more emotions and story behind this.....it just goes to show...its okay to DREAM....its okay to SUPPORT...its okay to BELIEVE..... !!!!! Go After what you want in life with a pure heart and all good intentions....and for sure you will be Blessed...may not be immediately but definitely eventually!!!!...just DREAM ON!!!!....

P:S : Check out wardrobe credits by Yours Truly in the 4:18 mark.....

Also Check out the Simba Video.... ( you will notice its the same wardrobe for the most part because it was supposed to be a sequence in the story telling))....

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  1. Great story& yes its def ok to dream!!