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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Right after the Anderson Cooper show....next stop!!!... Studio!!!!... for a Pastry Photo shoot....Yuuup it was an all day affair...no sleep for the hungry hehe ( whatever that meanss lol )... Anyways the shoot was for the new Pastry X Hello Kitty Sneakers (Pastry is definitely making wavesss..whoop whoop!!) Campaign in EUROPE for the holidays....It was a fun shoot which almost made me wish for the snow ( ALMOST)..... Anyways, Pastry put on a fun funky twist to HELLO KITTY....they made her rocker glam,..the sneakers are pretty cool...personally I want a pair of the gold ones and maybe they can throw in the metallic silver ones in for luck....in other words I want them alll....heehee....okay back to the subject at hand...enough of me lusting after shoesss...so yea here are some behind the scenes look , from me putting together the outfits ....to the actual behind the shoot scenes....can't wait to see the finish product and show to you guys....!!!

In the meantime y'all definitely need to check out www.lovepastry.com  .. there are alot of new and exciting sneakers and even winter boots coming out (check out the cutie pies...#LOVE ), ooo and the dessert moc & varsity sneaks ...those are my faves ( no Bias here #stylisthonour hehe).....

2 comments on "PHOTO SHOOT FRESH!!!! ( PASTRY)"
  1. love your blog ( I ready faithfully!)
    was wondering about how your story and how you started as a stylist. It's soo my dream to pursue the same career, I've relocated closer to the NYC area solely for this purpose! (although I realize it's not easy) but I would love some pointers. you can respond in a blog post or email me at parfine.m@gmail.com (that is if you have any free time lol).
    Also if you need an assistant I'm available, just sayin lol.

  2. The jean jacket with the leather accents? Awesome. I'm looking for something similar in my size (I'm a plus size). Any suggestions from an elite stylist?