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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shake shackin' it!!!

Okay so I got a couple of requests asking me to blog more about my own personal style, as well as evry other things I blog about..I guess people care about the blogger as well as the content of the blog *blushes* hehe...Anyways I was opposed to it for a while because I am not one that just loves to be in front of the camera by myself and pose for photos ( except its photo booth fun- those get me all the time...lol) ...I dunno guess I'm just a lil shy and self conscious a bit I dunno plus I just think I dress aiiight hehe BUT....since I listen I am going to try it out and give you guys occasional outfit updates of my personal looks and style....so depending on feedback and comments I will decide if I Shall continue with it...so be nice people lol :-)

 Anywayssss...After hectic fashion week, miami and all the other things that came in between lol ...I met up with one of my fave ppl Kim Snow...she helps keep me sane, gives me the best ideas, motivates me, criticizes me ( constructive criticism of course), long and short she's always looking out for my best interest and believes in me...Anyways we had a date to catch up on life amongst other things. The plan was shake shack; cause I had never been ( and I have been hearing soooo much about this infamous shake shack and I just had to try it) and the movies....( we only made it to shake shack) ...Anyways after the meal- which was okay, I was a little disappointed there were not more options but it was pretty good tho ...It was a rainy Friday but we decided to make the best of it and since I always dress according to my mood- I definitely was laid back and casual as I could be and loved every moment of it....
 Sleeveless Sweatshirt, Leather Jacket, Leggings- H&M, Sneakers - Supra Cubans( Love them) ,Watch- Moschino cheap&chic, Bracelets/Beads- Amica Styles, Glasses (YESSS PRESCRIPTIONS LOL)- Burberry, Lipstain- Sephora ( evryone asks now I'm sharing ...oohh How I love...)
awwww there goes my kimmy ....she loves meee ..lol and took these pics cause she loves my blog tooo hehe
3 comments on "Shake shackin' it!!!"
  1. I LOVE everything about this look!!! The purple sneaks are to die for!!!! Love the pop of color it added to your 'fit! Keep the looks coming girl! :)

  2. OH, I forgot to add that you are wearing THE HELL out of that red lip! It suits you so much! love love loveeeeeeeee!!!!!

  3. Love love love your style. I think I commented on it before on twitter tho hehe. Anywho shoes are hottt I want!! Doo hope we get lots more of these post.