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Friday, December 9, 2011


 As the year is coming to an end....I just been reflecting and I am soo thankful for all the achievements of 2011, from different photo shoots, appearances, videos, campaign shoots....its been amazing . Its such a blessing to see people respond to your work so positively and also to have clients who at the end of the say walk away happy.... its amazing ,... and I am always forever humbled and grateful to have been blessed enough to do what I love everyday ....here's just a few of the magazines my work made it in this year ( of course will continue to update as I find ).... Here's Juicy Magazine December issue, JET Magazine in September and US WEEKLY...

5 comments on "IT WAS ALL A DREAM !!!!"
  1. Job well done hun! I wish you all the best in the next year and beyond :-)

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    Please check it out. thank you so much

    1. THANKS SOO muuch!!! will definitely check it out ;)