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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Right after the Anderson Cooper show....next stop!!!... Studio!!!!... for a Pastry Photo shoot....Yuuup it was an all day affair...no sleep for the hungry hehe ( whatever that meanss lol )... Anyways the shoot was for the new Pastry X Hello Kitty Sneakers (Pastry is definitely making wavesss..whoop whoop!!) Campaign in EUROPE for the holidays....It was a fun shoot which almost made me wish for the snow ( ALMOST)..... Anyways, Pastry put on a fun funky twist to HELLO KITTY....they made her rocker glam,..the sneakers are pretty cool...personally I want a pair of the gold ones and maybe they can throw in the metallic silver ones in for luck....in other words I want them alll....heehee....okay back to the subject at hand...enough of me lusting after shoesss...so yea here are some behind the scenes look , from me putting together the outfits ....to the actual behind the shoot scenes....can't wait to see the finish product and show to you guys....!!!

In the meantime y'all definitely need to check out www.lovepastry.com  .. there are alot of new and exciting sneakers and even winter boots coming out (check out the cutie pies...#LOVE ), ooo and the dessert moc & varsity sneaks ...those are my faves ( no Bias here #stylisthonour hehe).....


OKkayyy gonna do my best to catch up on all my updates.... *whewww* So here goes nothing... Soo remember my "Manic Monday" post....where I showcased my outfit for my run around the city because I had a photoshoot and TV appearance I had to get my clients ready for...Well here's the TV appearance ...it was the Anderson Cooper Show and it was a topic on Parents favourites and the girls came on to address that issue amongst them as sisters, and who they felt was their parents favourite....well my job, as per usual... was to provide wardrobe ,.... which I did ;-)hehe.The Anderson Cooper show has a more laid back feel to it so I opted to go for casual chic for the ladies... They both are wearing SUPERTRASH and CESARE PACIOTTI  shoes...

These are some of the behind the scenes photos of them backstage with the make up artist .....and here's their
appearance on the show...let me know what you think of their looks ;-)

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Sooo I just wanted to do a quick shout out to J.Cole on this song ....It reminds me of how important it is to follow ones dreams and also to believe and support each other however we can.... When we shot this video with Jermaine in 2008, he was unsigned and shopping for a deal, all he had at this point was his passion, drive and will to make it. I went to school with Jermaine ( SJU) and we all were pretty cool,... so when they asked me if I would help in putting this project together as far as styling it ( though they had no budget )... I was more than happy to help and contribute in whatever way they needed,...all I saw his talent and his will and drive to make it and I just wanted to help however I could to get him where he needed to be. They shot this video as a Trilogy, so it was Simba, Lost Ones & Lights Please... ( did the wardrobe for all 3, not sure if Lights please will ever be released but all the same.....) & we shot all weekend long ... Fast Forward 3years later...J.Cole is now signed to Roc Nation and is one of the biggest artist out now and is definitely leaving his impact and mark in the music Industry.
So as much as I like this song and the story it tells,.... for me and I'm sure everyone else associated with this project then, including Jermaine himself....there is sooo much more emotions and story behind this.....it just goes to show...its okay to DREAM....its okay to SUPPORT...its okay to BELIEVE..... !!!!! Go After what you want in life with a pure heart and all good intentions....and for sure you will be Blessed...may not be immediately but definitely eventually!!!!...just DREAM ON!!!!....

P:S : Check out wardrobe credits by Yours Truly in the 4:18 mark.....

Also Check out the Simba Video.... ( you will notice its the same wardrobe for the most part because it was supposed to be a sequence in the story telling))....


I recently did a photoshoot about 2 or 3 weekends ago and the concept of the shoot was "Street Light".... Showcasing and transcending the colours of the street light( red, yellow and green) to Fashion .... This was a truly fun shoot for me , though I literally got a chance to get myself together for it and pull for it in just one day .... This shoot came after the madness of fashion week, Miami, Peta Ad campaign, Anderson Cooper show & Pastry Photoshoot ( ooo which I am still yet to share images and stories with you guys :-), sooon to come  #scoutshonour)....anywhosss I was able to make it work and I;'m glad I did because I had great fun with this concept and working with all the great people I did - Teamed up with photographer Christina Deo ( she did the Avian flew Photoshoot with me ) anyways these are some of the images from the shoot you know I always have to share with you guys ;-). Ohhh and I have to say a big Thank you , Thank you to SUPERTRASH US showroom for hanging after hours to let me come in and do my pulls ...appreciate ya ;-) 

                                                            Photography by Christina DeO
                                                                                Stylist: Kanayo Ebi
                                                                                Make-up: Nicole V. Rivera (faceNV)
                                                                                Hair: Devon Alexander
                                                                                Photo Assistanst: Michael Toujiline
                                                                                Model: Sofia L. @ Muse NYC

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


 SOOOO my client Angela Simmons posed nude for PETA , which I must add is very tastefully done...even though you cant see anything even an ass crack it had ppl up in a frenzy like she posed for Playboy or something...People forget that ppl have their own lives to live and their own beliefs....Anyways PETA is a charity for Animal Rights and Angela posed to promote a healthy eating lifestyle by urging you to consider going Vegetarian....AGAIN!!! In life everyone has their own path and choices in life, so if its something that appeals to you then try, if not then carry on with life,...lets just not be soo quick to pass judgement and condemn....*WHEWWW* that felt like a mouthful...lol...anywhos on September 27th,2011, she hosted, along with Global Grind an intimate party for the launch of the ad at the Paramount Hotel and of course I had to dress her for the event :-).  The event was fun, Samantha Ronson flew in from LA to DJ ( she is soo fun and hilarious by the way- such a carefree spirit #fun) .... her Uncle, Russell was in tow to of course support and cheer on his niece, along with the Global Grind staff, and friends....it was good times had and everyone was in good, positive spirits

I decided her look needed to be simple, yet sophisticated, just so people can see that this once young girl we saw on TV on RUN'S HOUSE AND DADDY'S GIRL'S is grown up to be a respectable, driven and amazing young woman living out her dreams and beliefs.... I went for nude/off white to compliment the purity and mission behind the ad/message and of course we had to add the little open back twist to compliment her young and edgy, fashionable side...

 THE FRIENDS...from LTO R... Angel ( Angela's make up artist for this past NYFW and this event, Juan, Dani( Evans), Cousin Jessica, my cousin Somti
 Making Fun faceessss *treysongzvoice* *singing* ( get it ...he has the song love faces ...hehe)Zuri
 Zuri McDaniels ( DMC'S WIFE)  and I ( she is such an amazing spirit) #LOVEHER
 AWWW the fab and beautiful Christina Brown of Love Brown Sugar....shes so awesome
 Samantha on the 1's and 2's .....#DOPENESS
 HAHAA...she decided to re-enact the ad in her own wayyy...lol
 Angela, the lovely Jen( she always makes me smile) , and I ( I have a love/hate relationship with this pic but ooo well)