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Monday, March 5, 2012


I am a sucker for a dope pair of shoes...I have always been obsessed with loafers/slippers and since they've made their way back into main stream fashion ...I have been a very happy camper...and indulge myself whenever I can :-)... my current favourite in my collection would be my unif hellraisers in wine...looooveeeee ...they are soo comfy and amaaazinggggg... but anywhoosss I ran across these Chrisitan Louboutin loafers a while ago on my fave fashionista Mary-Kate and loved them ,...immediately.. ( I think I had posted up a pic in my last post "these are a few of my favourite things part deux) the Christian Louboutin Mikarani flats and then today I ran across the Christian Louboutin intern Flat loafersss... *gasp* ...so simple but amaaazingggg!!! I WANT THEM ALL\!!!!...this is like the perfect fashionable solution for your typical New Yorker ..since we pretty much walk everywhere, and always on the go.....  *sigh* so many shoessss not enough time.....

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