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Saturday, March 3, 2012


O MYYY!!!! I feel just awful...I completely ignored my fave trendsetters ( you faithful readers of course) for oooh soo longgg.. PLEASEEE FORGIVEEE!!!! :-D .....but rest assured it is with good reason.... I have been constantly on the move...working non-stop since my last post. I have soooooo much to catch you guyss up on.. fashion week, photo shoots, rip the runway, my new favourite things,  giveaways ...and everything else in between :-P. YUUP alot to look forward too and it'll all just come at once, that I hope y'all be able to keep up lol ...But I have honestly missed blogging ..I feel like I don't get a chance to share with you guys enough and you know I stay discovering new stuff ...but like I said we are working on rebuilding this relationship of ours loves of my lives ..hehe...

Anyways I have this hobby of looking up quotes, like honestly, I google different quotes ; from movies,songs, celebrities, designers, poets, authors, ppl etc, I like to buy quote books and stuff like that ...I dunno I just find that they are encouraging sometimes and you are always bound to find a quote that describes how you are feeling at that exact moment or that uplifts,encourages, motivates or simply makes you smile or wish bigger or dream better and I think that's why I just love reading up on them , they are almost therapeutic ( well for me at least ).. actually that was what partially drew me to the show criminal minds because it opens and closes with a quote... I think that so thought provoking.... Yes, yes I already told y'all I am such a closet geek and cornball :-P but very proud of it tho :-D... well with that said I decided to share some random quotes I came across on some tumblrs and online that had to do with life, love, relationships and everything in between ....lol.. 

 obsessed with someone who can actually speak in a complete sentence recognized by the English Dictionary #ohsosexy lol

 I am the ultimate Daddy's girl... love that man!


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    1. thanks so much :)..appreciate all ur comments