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Monday, July 9, 2012


Ahhh so remember those posts I mentioned I started to write and just ended up in the Drafts folders ... welll this happens to be one of them ( i know i know shame on me ) ...but at least I am trying to make it up and finishing what I started ..Better late then never right? ! ... I guess...so here it goes....Nothing is reminiscent of summer time like flowers and bright fun colours..... hence the trend for the season ... Apparently not only flowers can bloom this season ....so can we!!!!!.... So many great colours for this season.... which keeps the colour blocking trend going ... and also makes our 'fits look more exciting and happy !!!....Yess I said it ...happy !!!! clothes could have a way of looking happy and hence consequently affecting our mood and making us equally as happy :-) :-) :-). If you are like me and you find yourself always gravitating towards blacks or safe tones ( u know your greys, tans, beige etc) and also scared as heck about prints ( mostly on bottoms; specially blooms and stripes) then I know you will shy far far away from this trend ..... BUT what if I tell you there is a way to make it work for you and balance out your love for the basic colours but yet still add some colour to your life... yup ! where there's a will there's a way... so throw all those fashion rules out the window ...you know the ones that tell you because u are a certain size, height, or shape you can't wear certain prints... NOW ...not to say to go overboard but the secret is everything in proportion....!!! Let it make sense for you... So say you get some bloom print pants or leggings... balance it out with a plain burnt out or sheer  oversize white tee or button down shirt that hits you mid thigh...with a smart basic colour blazer ...(so you can still do ur greys, navy's, blacks etc...) ... Are you seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now ?? what!? just a matchstick?? okay fine lemme continue... we must get you Thomases ( get it? doubting Thomas lol ) on board..... Also, if you are like me and you love vintage or graphic tees, you can pair it with a pair of pastel coloured pants ( still give you that edge you are used to ) or you can get a great coloured  or print maxi skirt and pair it with a graphic tee... 
Now shoes that go great with this look ....ANYTHING !!! all depending on how you style it and wear it... brogues/oxfords I'd say definitely ,... sandals, pump stilettos definitely.... and if you need to ease yourself into this look ... you can start with your accessories, bags, shoes, jewelry, scarves... attempt to buy fun , coloured accessories and then you find yourself trying to incorporate it into your clothes as well.
Hey might as well try it out .... Think its a great way to feel summery ...and I must say i am starting to get more into colours.... even for the winter ( colour isn't going anywhere anytime soon) ..... sooo pass the pastel and I guess we shall continue to bloom with the summer flowers ;-)/

 this look right here .... amazing .. love the accessories and her mix of prints w/her basic black shorts

 now this is me all day everyday !!! def would rock it just like that with the rocker tee and maxi skirt #loveee
 one of my fave skirts from the virgos lounge collection /...www.virgoslounge.com .. love this look too
 another great 'fit from virgos lounge. definitely check them out!!!! u won't regret it ..trust me!


 even the shoes are getting into the colour action !!!!
 Spring definitely transitioned into the summertime ....

 just so it can go on record ...I love! Lovee!! LOVEEE!!! Diane Kruger,...Her fashions are amazing!!!!

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  1. yay! i love these chunky blog posts! i'm so inspired and i learned alot! keep doing your thing!