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Monday, July 9, 2012


I don't know what part of the world everyone else is and how summer is treating them but in these here parts we've been spit -roasting like pigs.... NYC has been on a 100!!!! ... & I mean that in the most literal sense.... Its been a task to keep cool... but they say you should never let them see you sweat right ? ( though I don't know how you can help that in this weather from the pits of hell lol ) but anyways keep your best fashion foot forward... light colours and you can never go wrong with linen and soft cotton and a pair of fashionable forward sunglasses to protect your eyes from the scorching rays of the sun,..... and thats where our 1st GIVE-AWAY SPONSOR comes in..... 

The ever- charming COREY WOODS, CEO and Founder of Yeroc Frames ... you probably remember him from my spotlight of the week a while back. He's such a sweetheart and determined hardworker. Since the post Corey has gone on to release several new collections and enlist new fans in celebrities including the likes of Chris Brown , who recently wore a pair of his frames at the recent televised BET Awards 2012.  

Anyways from his new collection aptly named Saharian Sizzle... he is giving at kachmeifyoucan fans a chance to win the new Tungleberry Frames ( retails for $450) from this new collection featured in his new ad campaign ...what better way to stay cool and look cool in this heat... Is that excitement I hearrrrr????? !!!! Ahhhh thought soo ;-) How do you win you ask ??

Well all you have to do is FOLLOW this blog KACHMEIFYOUCAN and like YEROC'S FACEBOOK PAGE , as well as Corey's blog. Leave a comment on here letting me know what you love most about the summertime with your email address!!!! and a winner would be picked at random by midnight JULY 19TH, 2012. Pretty simple right? So get to liking, following and posting :-D

You can definitely keep up with Corey via Twitter and also updates with YEROC  
Would love to see who winsssss *yayyyyy* !!!!!
4 comments on "GIVEAWAY 1- SUMMER TIME FINE!!!!....."
  1. I love the summer because of family time. There are holidays, family reunions, and "just because its hot out" BBQ's that become the platform for me to spend the quality time with my family that I don't get to have throughout the year because of everyone's busy schedule and locations. Family gatherings have become the piece of the pie that beings everyone together and I appreciate summer for being the crust.

    email: ohsoshy14@yahoo.com & fyi I LOVE the color of those glasses!

  2. I love summer time cos i get to flaunt my flawless legs *covers face* in shorts!!! I recently found some really nice tailored pieces at Ann Taylor and Bar111 and i'm OD-ing on shorts this summer.....Hmmmmmmn....those glasses will def go nice with one of my shorts *wink*

  3. the summer time is my season! there's absolutely nothing better than roaming around in the city in a cute sexy flowy dress and SUNGLASSES!!!

    i love summer because i get to clash all my wild colors/patterns and blame it on the sun >>>

    i get to wink at random hot boys on the street and blame it on the sun >>>

    go SUN in the SUMMER! lol :-)

  4. I love the summer because enjoying life becomes so effortless. Wash n go's, light clothes, light colors, and light meals! There are so many activities we can do that don't break the bank and allow you to shed a few lbs without even thinking about it. ;-)