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Monday, July 9, 2012

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo!!!!!

Soooo I stumbled upon a "who wore it best" on another blog today (which I love btw) of Angela (Simmons)  and Nicole Scherzinger in some Neon green Giuseppe Zanotti booties from his fall 2011 collection..... Now I think the two looks are a perfect way to show versatility with these shoes. Nicole's look is a more casual laid- back kicking it around town look ( which she really was doing ..lol)... While Angela's look is a more dressed up but effortless look she wore to attend the Zang Toi show last September Fashion week in 2011.
The only thing I don't particularly like about Nicole's look is the fact that, tho its supposed to be a kicking it about look ...the hair, make-up and accessories make it look like she should have something entirely different on ,...something more uhmmmm... fancy.... I definitely could have done without the earrings and have all that hair down free flowing, think it would have done it for me...These booties are such a statement piece on its own, that I feel like whatever outfit you pair it with the shoes should do the talking and the walking ..hehee... and that was kind of the goal we were going for with Angela's look with the simple black dress , the chunky cardigan ( which I am still obsessed with FYI ... *note to self - find out if supertrash still has them available*) and minimal accessories.... but definitely two beautiful ladies with clearly similar taste in shoes ;-).... sooo what do you guys think....~???

2 comments on "Eeny Meeny Miney Mo!!!!!"
  1. I love Angela's look,letting the shoes do the talking,u did a good job.I think that Nicole did a good job compared to other stuff I have seen her in,I would have loved to see her hair let down.....

  2. I completely agree. Nicole from the neck up was a bit much for such a casual look. But they both wore the shoes really well.