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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Wow !!! I am beyond embarrassed and ashamed of myself. I stay promising that I will try to update this blog more frequently and then days pass by and days end up turning into weeks, weeks into months .... and then I'm back on apologizing and crying the same ol' story smhhh lol.. Actually I have no excuse and won't even try to make any ... I'm just gonna say I am going to work on prioritizing and in the process really making this blog one of my priorities... Plus I have my website coming out soon and gonna link this blog to it, so I would have no choice but to make sure its up to date with some fun fun fashion & Everything in between stuff hehe !!!

Anyways what better way to launch the return of the missing blogger than with a SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK!!!... haven't done this segment of the blog in a while and I have deprived you guys of some amazing talents and greatness but no moreee....

To relaunch this aspect of the blog I bring to you TONYE!!!! - a great talented friend of mineee!!! I love nothing more to see people living out their dreams and following their passions against all odds. I am very thankful to be surrounded by some amazing talented and driven people, definitely keeps me motivated and makes me want to be and do better. Tonye has always loved to sing and always explored the idea of pursuing a music career but always felt as though it was an empty dream or something not really worth dwelling on but finally her love for music and singing overtook the fears, doubts, "buts","Ifs" and 2 years ago she took a leap of faith and started exploring her options and working with different music producers and spending alot of her free time in the studio and investing in herself monetary wise - coming out of pocket for studio time, producers, photoshoots etc and She even took time off her 9 TO 5 and moved back to Nigeria for a couple of months to learn more about the music circuit there and build up her contacts and fully saturate herself in the music culture in Nigeria..... Fast forward 2years later she has an amazing new single  INSANE- ( were niyen) which she released today. This is a testimony that as long as you believe in yourself and just go after what you want, putting your all into it!!- anything is pretty much possible ( IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.... )

I personally love the song and love her story .... and it definitely is inspiring to me because it goes to show the only person in your own way is YOU! once you let go of  all inhibitions and just TRY.... the possibilities know no bounds.. " This is definitely not the last you are going to see or hear from Miss TONYE ! ..... she's definitely here to stay!!!!>....

3 comments on "SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK!!!!!"
  1. AMAZING SONG!! It's so much fun! I want to hear more from her...and read more from YOU!