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Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Year New Outlook!!!!!

Wow!!!! Its been nearly 2years since I updated the blog!!!! Can't believe how quickly time flies….We are in 2015 and its already almost the end of February. First off!!!!  I hope everyone is ready and excited about the amazing things in store for 2015. I decided that I am going to make a conscious effort to be HAPPY this year……and that means doing for myself and making sure I achieve my full COMPLETE potential.

I've been working and keeping busy but I have also held myself back in a lot of ways. Sometimes many things get in your way, you get a couple of highs and a couple of lows and they affect you in different ways. You start to limit yourself and you begin to doubt yourself, while in the same thought encourage yourself. Now you have all these conflicting thoughts and they are all winning somehow. You are doing things but not doing quite enough, There are things you want to do but you think, Hmmm, maybe not now, or this needs to happen first then this can tie in, or you just are afraid it won't quite work. Then there is the, I think I can, I know I can, and I will and that keeps you going and doing.

Greatness is quite a scary thing, it comes with a huge responsibility and sometimes can overwhelm you in more ways than one. Its so much to process all at once and you get stuck thinking where do I start, how, why, when, and what if.  Things that have gone wrong in the past come into play and limit you and you feel like that is your truth but then again you think back in your past and you realize also when you made a conscious decision to do something and do it. How it all fell into place and actually WORKED!!!

Sometimes, it takes us just going for it….Guess Nike got it right from the beginning….JUST DO IT… ask, seek, you may get some NO's , you may get some discouragements (which we need to block out by ALL means) but then you just go back to the drawing board and figure it out somehow. Make use of and take advantage of ALL your Resources. Use your time wisely ; TIME MANAGEMENT ( We all have the same 24hrs) , PRIORITIZE!!!; get the important things out of the way first and then everything else can come to play. Create a space for yourself that you can function effectively and smartly. MOST IMPORTANTLY Know Your Worth and Own Your Power!!!.

Most of the time, all the necessary tools and outlets are right in front of our faces, we just need to get over the WOE IS ME attitude. Things can affect you or make you a certain way but its up to you to not allow those things DEFINE YOU.

I started writing this Post second week in January and I had it saved and It was semi completed because I had a different direction I wanted to go with it. I wanted to introduce my blog in a new way, it was going to be more interactive and more personal, as far as more of who I am,  my own personal style, shop my closet, or giveaways etc. and was going to do it with new photo shoot photos and themed photos; because I realized that I needed to let people into the KACHMEIFYOUCAN Brand more and what way to do it, than to get people to see more of Me, how I work and my style and much more. I knew, this was going to be a great year and a lot was going to happen this year and I was ready for it; ….but I don't think I completely understood ALL of what was going to take place and I still don't But in order for those things to happen I had to RESET my mindset. I had started to press the reset button, I had started to look into certain things and change up certain things BUT I hadn't completely delved into ALL of things that needed to MOVE. God has a sense of humor. You ask him to show you certain things and he drops little hints here and there and you read things here and there, you have conversations here and there and you are trying to decipher what exactly is being said, what exactly you are supposed to do or how things are supposed to go. Then when you finally make your realization you SEE it clearly, it ALL starts to make sense. Swallow your pride, admit your faults and wrongs and Start to Fix them. Ask for Help. Use your Help. Plant people in your life you can grow with and build with and knock you upside your head every now and then, whether you like it or not, Everything that happens is SUPPOSED to happen, so other things CAN happen.

It is going to be an AMAZING YEAR!!!! ITS BEEN OFF TO AN AMAZING START and I realized now more than ever, that  in order for this to happen I had to get a swift kick in my ass.

Soooo,….As Ironic as this seems, this post STILL went in that direction of being more personal, and you got the real. So as much as I have been really busy and things going on, hence the NO BLOGGING, the truth of the matter is I have been Slacking as well and not utilizing everything in front of me.!

So Welcome To My Year of  TRUTH AND REAPING!!!!!!!…We are going to have a good ol time…. Its gonna be fun!!!!…. fun pictures, fun posts, fun outfits, fun giveaways, fun closet shopping and I will have to post at least twice a week ( Let's start small; let me not get too carried away now before I bite off more than I can chew) and if by the week ends you don't have 2 posts from me you are allowed to bombard me with hate-love :-P mail till I post up! ( Damn, can't believe I just said that, now I know ppl will take the piss with that *gosh* but guess now that means I just have to do it).

I'm actually excited!!! I got my MOJO Back……"KACH" ME IF YOU CAN!!!!! ;-) Hehe

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