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Monday, March 30, 2015


AHHHH...I used to be obsessed with watching music videos back in the days, used to sit in front of the TV - Pop in the tapes in the VCR ( YES, VCR, Remember I said back in the daysss…lol),…. and watch all these pre- recorded videos we had, memorize the lyrics and dance steps….thats why till today I am no match in karaoke when it comes to those 80's songs i.e  Cyndi Lauper, Milli Vanilli Paul Simon etc….Then Modern Technology blessed us with cable…

Mehn this was like a luxury back in the day, you felt ultra special if you had cable, because that meant you were caught up with the times and you were in the know of new happenings in the entertainment world with music, tv shows and movies…. AHHH what a Blessing.. Now you had conversations for Monday Mornings in school, you didn't need to be the outcast

Anyway this memory lane trip started with watching some Janet Jackson videos, and I remembered how happy and fun songs where back then and even the love songs made you feel something, made you want to step out of your house and just fall in love ( unlike the catastrophe that is forced down our ears these days, that make us want to learn to twerk and do a somersault on a pole ( though all that is all well and good and i am a willing participant to learn as well hehe :-P….will still take old fashion love for $500 Alex ( a lil quip from Jeopardy for you young folks) .Plus I'm kinda scared to watch music videos these days, I sit there with a look of sheer shock and horror…. feeling like how your grandma would feel if she saw some of the things in the vids these days ( damn I must be getting old)….videos I still love to watch are CB ( Chris Brown), Ciara , Beyonce ( sometimes) cause they still entertain, with their choreography and talent….then you have your Ed sherman's and co….
Anyways feeling so very happy listening to and watching these Janet videos, I also then remembered who much art and creativity went into making the videos and the hype williams dayssss….then reminded me of how much fun the 8'0's vids were and how much thought people put into their art in those days and I just sat here with all these feelings of Nostalgia of childhood, when all was great and carefree, as I watched all these videos and put me in a great space for this Monday Morning, so felt why not Share and if you are not familiaR Get Familiar….soo FUNNNN ( I know just totally showed my age….ooh well I'm an 80's baby…..Rock'n & Proud )