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Thursday, March 19, 2015

"KACH" IT : Coveted Item of The Week!!!!!!!

I am such a Jacket/coat fanatic…… I always almost find a reason to need or buy a new Jacket/coat. I am a strong believer in staple pieces i.e Jewelry, Shoes, bags and coats. They can revamp an outfit completely…..Take it from casual to chic, simple to glam, classy to edgy etc …. (i'm sure you get the point etc…lol) . I obsess over jackets so much so I have a closet just for my coats….because there are just so many and I can just never get enough and theres always a new rendition of a leather jacket, peacoat, trench coat, bomber jacket, longline jacket, blazer, parka jacket, military jacket ( and I can go on and on and on…..and on :-P) that is out for the getting…..and I just always feel like I will be unfaithful to fashion if I do not oblige and buy *coverseyes* ( I know horrible excuse to feed my habit hehe) ….Anywhos back to my coveted item!!!
This ASOS BOMBER JACKET WITH BIKER DETAILS….now anything bomber and biker I'm INNNNN!!!!!! and then its a parka as well plus it has fur detailing.….come on..its a no brainer ,….and its khaki/olivegreen and black….( gets no better) …its like it was made with me in mind..just for me …and the price tag not too shabby either… retails for $152 and if you are lucky..you'll catch asos on a good day with some coupons or sales and get some dollars off!!!!….I already ordered mine ..hence I can share the joy….Trust and believe you shall be seeing some outfit posts with mi new coat on!!!! can't wait!!!! HAPPY SHOPPING GUYS!!!! THANK ME LATERRRRR ;-P.

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