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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Once upon a time….wearing sporty or "gym" apparel deemed you unfashionable and lacking in the style department or maybe Tomboyish or coming from a lacking financial background ( a while back in time).  If you stepped out in sneakers or even anything remotely resembling sporting attire, you might have had the fashion police called on you,…DO not pass GO…Do not Collect $200…hauling that behind straight to fashion jail….. :-P. …BUT now the story changes….and THIS is one of the main reasons I LOVE Fashion…the ever evolving nature of it…… How something can be given a different twist or how easily something from a different era can reinvent itself and be cool again. Fashion is constantly reinventing itself, the rules are meant to be broken, its meant to be challenged and reworked….its amazing!!!! Because it gives us ( fashion lovers) a chance to constantly reinvent ourselves and our style…Giving us different ways to express ourselves and our individuality.

 Following the current trend to reach the Mass consumers, a lot more "HIGH FASHION" "COUTURE" Designers are teaming up with Mass retail stores to each the average consumer. We have more collaborations with high street, and retail stores than ever now…. i.e, H&M, Topshop, TaRGET, Sears, kohl's etc….and now more designers are turning their interest to sports and fitness….which of course makes a whole world of sense…Fitness has taken on a life of its own, with people getting more into working out and living a healthier lifestyle. Few Designers have always kept the aesthetic of teaming up with mass consumer stores to create a fusion line or with Sports companies i.e.. YOHJI YAMAMOTO ( Y3 X ADIDAS) , Stella McCartney ( Stella McCartney X ADIDAS), Jeremy Scott ( Jeremy Scott X ADIDAS), Mihara Yasuhiro ( Puma X MiharaYasuhiro), Alexander McQueen ( Puma X Alexander McQueen), John Varvatos ( Converse X John Varvatos), Comme des Garson ( Converse X Comme Des Garson) etccc…..

Now in recent times we find more designers following suite, Riccardo Tisci with Nike Air Force Ones, DKNY with Pony, Sacai with Nike, Mo Wax with Nike, Mary Katranzou with Adidas , Craig  Green with Champion ( WOOD WOOD) ….And my take on all of these collaborations……GIMME GIMME GIMMEEE….!!!!!! It is an excuse to be Sporty, comfy, edgy and chic all in one ….WHY NOT!!!!!

Most of these CAPSULE COLLECTIONS OR COLLABORATIONS are found in select stores or  the flagship stores. BARNEYS usually carries these selections ( Mary Katranzou x adidas, nike x riccardo tisci) , Urban outfitters carries the Champion X wood wood and NIKE LAB STORE ( not to be mistaken for the Nike Store) usually carries the exclusive/designer collaborations….* UR WELCOME* :-*


ONE WORD- AMAZING!!!!!!!….She stays true to her fun colorful,  chic aesthetic, while still implementing sporty graphics and cuts, while still maintaining the femininity of her brand. I can not wait to get my hands on at least 2 or 3 items ( ALL would be ideal, BUT Bills gotta get paid and we still working on that OPRAH money here :-P) 

NIKE X SACAI- This collection gives an amazing colorful and feline twist to your usual sweat shirt/dress, windbreaker. As well as a very unique and ingenious twist on my fave AIR MAXES OF ALL TIMES ….*DRUMROLL* …The AirMax 90….SLIP ON ( LACELESS) AIRMAXES!!!!! ( *Prays to God for self-control* , *reminds self bills and obligations pending* *sigh*) ( but something shall be added to the collection * evillaugh* hehe) . Love the color palette for the collection, the flirty take on sportswear and did I mention the….LACELESS SLIP ON AIRMAX 90'S *Droolsss*

 NIKE X MO WAX ( Build & Destroy capsule collection )- This is more of a music collaboration ( Mo Wax is a record label based in the UK by James Levelle) than designer but needed to give the fellas something. This is a collab more for the guys and the edgy rocker chic that likes to dip and dabble in her man's closet ( hehe) ….. Nice cut bomber Jackets, cool tees. fitted hats and some dope suede and leather Nike blazers ( I loooveeeee blazers) . This collection, I would definitely dabble in as well…( Lets just say I want it all ….I am insatiable,…what more can I say….just call me Oliver Twist…I just keep wanting more, more, more :-P)

DKNY X PONY ;  DKNY relaunched and branded itself as a certified New York Brand, a brand from New York for The typical NewYorker ….and who better to do a sneaker collaboration with than PONY, a veteran in the sneaker game and one coined for your typical New Yorker, why else would their name be PONY ( Product of New York).  I am proud to say I was able to get my hands on a pair of these sneakers ( *whoot whoot*), as well as attend the launch party ( Definitely good times had) . This collection just ranges of a pair of unisex mid top white sneakers, but think a red release to follow very very sooooonn……

CHAMPION X CRAIG GREEN (WOOD WOOD) -  *SINGSSSS* " Don't call it a comeback"….Funny Enough…Champion has always been one of my favorite sports brand, mostly in clothing,…I always thought their clothing had a cool vintage feel to it, plus they are known for their sports jerseys (both sports team and brand jerseys)


Anywaysss….. they recently teamed up with designer Craig Green, to come up with a very fashion forward but yet cool edgy collection to kind of get themselves back into main stream fashion. I can't lie definitely have a few pieces from this collection, totally obsessed and its so practical and comfy…as far as I was concerned it was a no brainer. The collection is definitely unisex, as well as having pieces that appeal to just the females as well i.e maxi dresses, bralets,/ bra tops, crop tops, biker shorts,  swing dresses etc… 
The rest of the collection includes, sweatshirts, jackets, shorts w/ skirt panel. neck muffler, tshirt etc

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