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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Spring is officially hereee…. There is no disputing it ….. The weather is nicer, the cherry blossoms have blossomed and allergies are officially kicking our asses…..YUP Definitely SPRING IN THE AIRRRR!!!

Luckily for us Fashion Lovers, Style and Fashion this season is taking it easier on us than these blasted allergies…..Comfort has officially become CHIC AND STYLISH !!!!! #WHOOP !!!

There was a point where walking out in your "ugly sandals" after putting together a decently cool outfit was not granting you access to a seat with the cool kids…. BUT ironically the "ugly sandals" are the hype of the season….throw on some cool jewels and embellishments and it becomes un-ugly and very fun and cool!!!! and the best thing COMFORTABLE……NEW YORK CITY is so full of life on the daily and  spring/summertime is no exception; Picnics in the park, barbecues, bike riding, carnivals, walks, and everything else under the sun…. and of course we want to be able to be comfy while having fun yet stylish and now its fashionable acceptable to pair any 'fit with some fun sandals….ANYTHING GOES…..

Now it doesn't stop there….Oh no, it doesn't ….More great Comfy yet stylish Fashionable trend for this here amazing spring/summer weather ……BACKPACKSSS!!!!! YUP….. who said you have to be headed to class/school to wear this great trend or be back in middle school…Nope!!!!…. The BACKPACK, just like the "UGLY SANDALS" has gotten a FASHIONABLE, STYLISH CHIC MAKEOVER….Its cooler, funner, trendier, sparklier, chic-ier and just all in all FASHIONABLY ACCEPTABLE!!!….

So for Your fave skinny ripped jeans, boyfriend jeans, moto jeans, ankle skimmers, joggers, culottes, bell bottoms, mini skirt, midi skirts, skater skirts, flared skirts, maxi dresses, shorts,- paired with our fave oversized t-shirt, tank tops, crop tops, boyfriend button down, rocker tees and sleeveless tees ….there is Something for everyone, no matter what your style is …There is an embellished sandal and Backpack that would definitely Fit the 'fit….( get it hehe)….so SPRING EASY this Season and Take your PICK…..!!!!!!!


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