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Monday, January 25, 2016


So the Fall 2016 Mens Fashion Week is Currently going on in Paris right now!!!!! & Balmain just shut ishhhhh all the wayyyyy down……..I think this had to be the best collection they have come out with in a long while…its like they just keep getting better…..hats off to OLIVIER on this one!!!...The attention to details to this collection is nothing short of AHMAZINGGGGGG……Oh and the colour palette …whaaaa!!!!!!…..& the textures…..GASP…..I just wanted to dive into the computer and teleport myself to the runway and strip each of those male models down for their 'fits ( and yes for their 'fits alone….well for the most part *devilishgrin* hehe) ……I had to get down on my knees and say a prayer ….Like God this is the kind of luxury we would like to afford and have in our closet like A.S.A.P rocky( not the rapper….just the action :-P)….and NOOOO …its not because its Balmain or a mainstream brand….I literally wanted a piece of something I saw coming down from that runway ( and yesssss still talking about the clothing ….for the most part :-P) . OOH OHHHH... and then some of the female looks that graced the runway….beaded and fringed…..yesss fringeeee!!!….now you know I go cuckoo for fringeee…Now just give me one of those dresses, with any one of those men jackets and  bags …and I'm redty to go *in wanda of in living colour voice* Anyways before I start trying to pull an "ITALIAN JOB" on the BALMAIN SHOWROOM….Just take a looksie at some of the amazingness that graced the runway…..


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  1. never in my life have i ever visited a fashion show but i really want to go to one. i love these designs and pieces they are so fairy tale-like. dont forget to keep posting