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Monday, January 25, 2016


Its winter time and whats more comfy and snugglyy than Furrrrrrrr!!!!!!! keeps you warm, feels good to the touch and most importantly…..LOOKS good…..!!!!!! Lately I have had this obsession with backpacks…because they are soo convenient, especially in my line of work…keeps you hand free and can be spacious, fun and in this case Chic!!!!….. and then I have always just loved me some furrrrr…..So when Kurt Geiger came out with their Fall campaign I had my eye on this backpack but it was out of the price range I was willing to spend….(when you have to adult and have to be responsible & pay bills * side eye*)….  the components of this amazing Kurt Geiger bag ; its real leather with croc texturing, real fur ( sheepskin) and gold detailing.

Well remember how I said you know this year I was just getting gifts from unexpected places….well one of those gifts were monetary as well …and every birthday I always like to gift myself…So with one of my monetary gifts, when I was at the airport in London, I decided to duty free shop and see what Kurt Geiger had to offer…..and was I in luck…..this BEAUTY THAT IS CHARLIE was on SALEEEEE!!!! …& when I say sale like majorrrr sale…like almost 70% offf….. it used to retail for about $620 ( before taxes) and I ended up paying only 150$ tax freeeeee!!!!! * whoop* *breaksintothrcabbagepatch* ….plus a matching bag charm/keyring to go with it!!!! …I was so excited….I bought my bag and decided I did so well, I deserved to be treated to a nice English Breakfast before My flight ( I knowww…I spoil myself *hehe*) ….and I had the best flight ever back to NY, dreaming of all the amazing outfits I could wear with my new favourite child ( hehe)

And because I am so into sharing!!!! I have News for you lovelies…Charlie is available on www.kurtgeiger.us and its on sale there alsoooo…. for $170 ( $15  international shipping only)

1 comment on "KachItWhileYouCan: KACH-Y ITEM FOR THE 1ST MONTH OF THE YEAR!!!!!"
  1. I can’t believe that they had that much of a major sale! I’m never that lucky when I go shopping for one reason or the other.