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Monday, January 25, 2016


The Words we speak and utter…both to ourselves and to others have such lasting effects!!!….and its something you can never take back. Its very important that we never speak out of anger or when hurt because human nature tends to want to hurt back or we end up saying things we do not really mean or end up regretting. Now, we can always mend the relationships or come back from it but the effects of those words spoken end up scarring for a very long time. So we have to be careful the words we speak. The bible says the tongue is sharper than a two edged sword….so imagine how much damage that can cause. This us one of the biggest lessons I'm learning and trying to abide by this year. To think before I speak ….To calm my thoughts and myself before I speak…..To make sure I do not speak in anger ….and most importantly to make sure I speak positivity upon my life and life of others others ….so as to manifest the positivity of the thoughts and words……
Earlier this year I  lost my temper with one of my friends….it was pent up frustrations, and also the annoyance of feeling hmmm lets say unappreciated and there was that feeling of enough is enough and wanting the next person to get a dose of their own medicine or/and finally standing up for yourself. Anyways I totally lost it and I went in for the killl….. I just wanted to get my point across and in the process said a lot of mean and unnecessary things….Now did I think it was needed, YES, ….Did I think I could have delivered it in a better manner ….MOST DEFINITELY….because what happened here is, because so much anger, negativity and nasty words were being exchanged,…..the point of the conversation and the point I was probably trying to make was lost and instead what was being focused on were the things I was saying and the negative words that were used ( on both ends) ……Now when all was said and done, I felt horrid because 1. I was mad I allowed someone get me/reduce me to that point of completely loosing my biscuits 2. The real points needed to be made was probably lost in translation and  most importantly 3. Because someone stabs ….doesn't mean you have to retaliate the same way….( two wrongs don't make a right). Now I do not regret what I was trying to say or the point I was trying to get across….I only regret my delivery and definitely some of the words spoken and used…..

We have to do better in how we treat and relate with each other but most importantly ….how we treat and relate to ourselves. BE KIND BE POSITIVE BE CONSIDERATE !
James 3:1-12 says… you can't use the same mouth/tongue you use to praise and bless God, to curse your brother….Lets start treating each other better…..

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