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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


photo via @foodace

Holidaysss are over and so is the debauchery of eating and drinking that comes with it….*sigh*…You know once the new year starts we all make that New Year resolution to eat better and healthier, exercise, be good to ourselves and give up something……but by mid-january or so those resolutions are completely out the window…Anywaysss This year I didn't make any of those declarations….well some…Just to be good to myself and definitely wanted to go back to a more healthy diet….
Anyways January definitely didn't kickstart that at all for me….for some reason instead I found that my sweet tooth had returned with a vengeance and I was less concerned with what I was eating or snacking on….Then Common sense kicked back in ,…..& While I made a conscious decision to realign myself….I realized it included everything and I needed to go back to being good to myself  and taking care of myself. So I started of the month of February with a trip to my Dr., to get back on track with my diet and exercise, get my blood work and EKG done and back to my Green, Eggs and Proteins ( eww no not HAM…:-P). Go back to making my own meals and trying to make sure its healthy and light. so lots and lots of greens ( Kale, Spinach, Arugula etc), eggs, turkey bacon and lean meats like fish, shrimp, chicken, turkey. For go rice, sweets and starches( because these break down in your body as sugar and your body stores it), even no fruits ( because fruits are just really sugar and water) also watch my oil intake and the best part NO ALCOHOL ( God help me lol). Already been doing the NO Alcohol thing for like 3weeks now but lets see about months…..Just to jumpstart my body back to being fed goodness and cleansing it out from all the debauchery ( might even go get a colonic this weekend as well)… and then slowly incoperating some stuff back into my diet but a healthier rendition of it so instead of rice, substitute for Quinoa etc…..Anyways I'm excited about going back to discipling myself and staying on track. Been looking on social media for different food inspirations to help it stay interesting eating healthy….recently followed this page @foodace ( the popular page is a blessing sometimes) ….she makes her own seasonings and ordered some to help spice up my meals, give it a lil indigenous flavour and keep it interesting. Decided to blog about it to keep myself accountable and see how it goes…also feel free to share some recipes and I will do the same

Some Meals I have conjured up me-self:

arugula w/sauteed shrimp,boiled eggs and avocado and crunchy onion bits.

Arugula w/seasoned lean turkey meat and crunchy onion bits.

Arugula with grilled mushrooms, quinoa w/ brown rice and grilled salmon ( the quinoa and brown rice is a no-no for the next 2mths) 
spinach with grilled peppered salmon and  crunchy onion bits

the salmon straight out the oven ( if you cook salmon you know the white bit is normal)


…Going to try my hands on some of these meals sans the carbs of course….I am actually reeked about this….#Keepingitclean #keepingitlight #keepingittight hehe...
FOOD ACE SPICES : SOOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!! ( The fish seasoning has been changed to all purpose seasoning ..)

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  2. Eating healthy is always good for health. If someone wants to stay fit then they should start a healthy diet plan, which not only reduces the weight but also helps to stay fit and healthy. I started taking healthy diet and will surely follow the page @foodace.