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Saturday, April 16, 2016


Like the infamous saying goes…."WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND", "EVERYTHING  ALWAYS COMES FULL CIRCLE"and fashion is No exception to this rule. Lately I've been having major DejaVu with a lot of fashion trends lately. Its like all the Fashion eras are making a huge comeback all at once….the one that is definitely ruling the scene right now is the 70's trend, the androgynous trend( suits on women), bell bottoms, lingerie trend and boho chic and it definitely made me feel like throwing it back and MUSING to one of the best to ever do it while the BEE-GEES Where just Trying to Stay Alive……BIANCA JAGGER!!!!! She was a beauty, heads turned when she walked in the room, she was always dressed to impress and she did it her own way and oh so effortlessly. Oh but not only was she a fashion Icon, and a showstopping beauty. She was also a Social and human rights activist and contributed on a lot of social issues that affected people in her native country Nicaragua. She received a scholarship to study political science in France at the Paris Institute of Political Science. She has fought for women's rights, brought awareness to different issues that have affected and still affects her native country. Has contributed to many charitable causes and she presently  still serves as  Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassdor. She also founded and is the Chair of the the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation and Member of the Executive Leadershipp Council of Amnesty International USA and a Trustee of the Amazon Charitable Trust ( Thank God for Wikipedia….Keeps you educated and nosy hehe).

So Apart from Slaying All The Damn Time,( and we mean Alllllll the time - Even To Date)…..Paving the Way for Many Trends as we Know it today,…. Infulencing a lot to designers and Artists of our time, Partying Like The RockStar she is, Being the muse of one of the most celebrated artist ( WARHOL), actress and & Snagging one of the Greatest RockStars the world knows ( Mick Jagger). She seemingly lived the life every woman secretly dreams about …." OOH WHAT A LIFE…!!!!"  The best part is…she did it all with Grace and Cool, while still celebrating her  uniqueness and individuality. Never playing down her intelligence or Purpose/Passions.
This is why she is OUR #BEAUTYANDHERBRAINS STYLE ICON… Worth Kach-ing Up to .#KACH-HER! #TotallyMusing!

LIFE OF THE PARTY #SHECOMPLEMENTEDHISCOOL - She definitely held up her own cool factor alongside her then rocker husband the infamous MickJagger….They definitely had the cool factor  down packed!!!!



Vanessa Hudgens Recreates one of Bianca Jagger Looks For PhotoShoot.

Jennifer Lopez Recreates One of Bianca Jagger's Looks for Photoshoot.

Katie Holmes Steps out in a Bianca Jagger Inspired Look!!

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