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Style Diaries

So its superbowl weekend ...perfect excuse to hang with the homiessss and have good clean and wild fuuunnn ( an oxymoron i know..lol) ....cause thats how we get down....

its Sunday my 'lax day and I was feeling kinda lazy and didnt really want to leave the house but couldnt miss out on all the fun....soooo I call this 'fit my 'I'm too  lazy to change out of sweats but I'll throw on some heels to dress it up look" hehheee....

But this was a comfortable but yet cool and funky look.
I came to realize later everything I had on (sans the bag and shoes) were from H&M , who says you cant be fab on a budget.... my shoes were lace up clogs ( got them from Spring) and my fringe bag from Rachel Zoe collection ( it is my new obsesssion...i loooveee this bag)

But yea thiss was my superbowl look... i was comfy and yet still felt cool plus it just went with how I was feeling at the moment :-D

MY WRIST BLING BLAWWWW... OWWWW... This is meee everyday...literally!!!  hehe S/O to Sue Tsai  ( www.suetsai.com) . she is responsible for half of my wrist action here....love her stuff 
Top -custom made by Juan Vargas -concept by me

Absolutely loved my 'fit on this day  had on some dungarees with a vintage military jacket and my fave beanie ..ooo and on my feet I had onmy alix harajuku lover ankle boots w/ some socks.........and of course a Kanayo LOOK isnt complete without the accessoriesss..

these were my shoes for the night ...the alix boots form harajuku loverss...
This was one of my nights out in Lagos Nigeria , when I went back for Christmas, Definitely good times had... I think this was one of the first and Last night I really dressed up out there;... it is entirely wayy to humid, roads are not made for walking and neither were any of my high-heeled shoes ( yes I like my heels 51/2 inches or higher lol ) ...tho some days I toughed it out... anyways this day I had on a high slit skirt and my sequins jacket was courtesy of Virgos Lounge.. loved it ! had to wear it despite the heat...lol